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bought a boston pork shoulder butt.. whatever it is.. lol.. big hunk of meat.. i havent a smoker yet.. but may just put it in the oven..

oh and i appreciate the recommendations.. i will never get that kettle.. i had two of them.. and maybe it was during a less mechanically inclined time in my life.. but the legs would not stay on and i could not fix them..

i will probably never have another one.. with that said.. i am still looking.. my friend says brining is the way to go to avoid dryness during smoking.. any of you guys trying that?
I would dry brine which means put a good amount of salt all over it wrap up with plastic wrap put it in the ice box if you can two days if not as long as you can pre heat your oven to 225 put it in and at about 165° take it out and wrap it up tightly and cook it until you get to 205 ish take it out put it in a ice chest and let it rest it will stay hot for hrs when you are ready to eat take it out pull it get rid of the funky fat you wouldn't eat mix with BBQ sauce of your choice if that is what you want mostly enjoy your endeavor and ponder your Nex cook hope you enjoy your meal Papa Bob
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