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A very good first Brisket


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Hi all,

I took the plunge recently and must say I am very happy with the results. Not the number one best I've had, but mind blowing never the less!

I started with a cryopack brisket, and aged it about 19 days from the pack date (not the sell by).
IMG_7212 (Small).jpg

IMG_7210 (Small).jpg

I trimmed the fat as best I could to replicate the Franklin BBQ method I found on Youtube.
IMG_7213 (Small).jpg

Because my MES30 is small I cut it in half also to fit on the racks.
IMG_7220 (Small).jpg

Next I covered it in a good heavy rub.
1/2c Kosher Salt
1/4c Black Pepper
1tb Garlic Powder
2tsp Onion Powder
2tb Paprika
1tb Brown Sugar

IMG_7234 (Small).jpg

While the smoker was coming up to temp (250 degrees) I microwaved my pellets to dry them well (1 minute then stir then 1 more minute). IIRC I used a mix of mesquite and oak.
IMG_7230 (Small).jpg

I have found that even thought I use A++ grade pellets this is still a good ideal, the thin blue smoke is easier to attain, and the stay lit better.

Tube smoker loaded and Mailbox mod in place.
IMG_7242 (Small).jpg

Beef in the barn.
IMG_7238 (Small).jpg

Smoke rollin. I never did seem to get any truly "blue" color, but with the mailbox separating the smoke from my food, and the smoking being quite thin this worked very well. No bitter taste in the meat.
IMG_7276 (Small).jpg

I cooked at 250 for around 5 hours till I hit the internal temp "stall" of 150is, then wrapped in foil till around 180. Pulled it and wrapped it in towels and let it rest an hour or so.

IMG_7287 (Small).jpg

IMG_7288 (Small).jpg

IMG_7289 (Small).jpg

My little princess of a wife got home just in time to steal a bite :)

Over all I am very pleased with the taste, texture, bark, and the jucyness of the meat. Honestly I really felt like there could have been a good bit more smoke flavor (like some brisket I've had) but the other 5 people eating it besides me seemed okay with it. The only place I got any "bitter" taste was from the greasy part of on the top of the drippings I took from the pan. The lower part of it made some WORLD CLASS aujus.
IMG_7284 (Small).jpg


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Congratulations on a very good brisket cook.


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As long as everyone’s happy, that’s all that matters. Congrats on your success


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Nicely done. I appreciate the thorough play by play and pictures. Briskets always seem to be a bit tricky (at least to me) but looks like you nailed it first try.


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That brisket looks awesome!
I would have never guessed that it was your first!
Very nice work!

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