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A tasty success!!!


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I have smoked chicken a few times in the past but never smoked one with Beer.  Thanks to a few members that replied to my other post this week they helped make it a success so I liked to thank them!  

Both chicken's and the corn were smoked with Pecan Wood and Mesquite Charcoal for about 4 hours.  I did have trouble keeping the temp up to 350, so had to put it in the oven for about 30 minutes towards the end.  

I put in in a brine for 24 hours, the brine was 1/4 Kosher Salt, 2/3 cup of brown sugar and 2 T of Zatarain's Shrimp & Broil.  This is the chicken is seasoned with a Sweet & Smoky rub by Grill Mate's and of course is setting on top of the Budweiser beer.  

This is the finished product before I took it out of the smoker.   I put Olive Oil & Sea Salt on the corn before I put it in the smoker.  The Chicken on top has no seasonings, however I did rub it with Sweet Baby Rays a couple of times.  My mom does not like seasoning on any of her meat, she claims she can't taste the meat with seasoning on the meat.  Yet she has no problems having her meat swimming in Sweet Baby Rays! 
Yes I know she is weird thinking, but we always have some weird relatives somewhere in our family line!

It all turned out great and tasty, I think the combination of the Pecan Wood and Mesquite Charcoal really helped out in the flavor!  


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Hello Shea.  GREAT looking bird.  Good job.  If I may offer.  I can tell this isn't your first smoke.  I just start thinking about new folks with no experience.  I am SURE you followed good food safety practice but with new folks in mind; when I see a pict of a chicken above veg or other meats I start to twitch. 
  I just feel a little cautionary explanation for inexperienced folks should be added here. Not saying ANYTHING wrong with your post so PLEASE don't be offended.  Not my intention.

Here is my opinion for what it is worth.  Others may have different advice.  This is only my opinion.  Just as best practice; Raw chicken should not be placed in a smoker ABOVE any other type of meat and/or veg..

Great job Shea.  Keep Smokin!



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Didn't thinks about the raw drippings from the chicken going onto the corn.  Thanks for that, I will remember next time!


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Mmmmmm...... pecan wood. If you get pecans to shell for your honey's holdiay needs, save those shells!

It looks Tastee!
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