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  1. when using a digital therm do you have to wrap the cable to protect it? Or do you just put it in and forget about it? When I used mine the other day it was giving me some very strange readings. I took it out and let it come back down to "room temp" and just used it as a probe and got accurate readings. What did I do wrong? this is my first digital, I have been using a probe type meat thermometer that is not kept in the meat while cooking.
  2. BTW I did do a search to try and find the answer before I asked.
  3. richtee

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    Most units have a 400° limit. They can handle the temps, but not physical abuse. The only reason to wrap the cable is to prevent damage from lids, etc. Why not just drill a .25" hole and feed it thru? Or- I drop mine thru my top vent.

    Also..VERY IMPORTANT...do NOT soak the probe in water. There is a crimp in most where the probe cable enters the probe, and water WILL eventually get in there...destroying the probe. Wipe off only, and avoid stressing the area near the crimp.
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    I don't protect mine in any way shape or form and usually can go a year to a year and a half before they flake out.

    Did you happen to get water or anything in it? That will usually kill them.

    Sometimes you just get a bad one............but to answer your question, I don't protect them at all.
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    Once again, Richtee to the rescue.
  6. The funny thing is, I started to just PM him that question instead of putting it out on the SMF. I knew he would have an answer. I did not get the probe wet, it works fine, BUT, not if I leave it in, I think maybe the lid may be touching the lead, but not sure.
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    Hmmm, if it seems to have a problem when it starts to heat up, I would suspect it HAS got some water into it. The lid touching the lead should have no effect, unless the wires within are broken. You can acertain that by "wiggling" the length of the probe wire gently, looking for display variations.
  8. I will bow to your experience. I have never washed it to get it wet, dont know how that could have happened though. I will check out the leads this weekend to see if it may have a break in it.. thanks for the help
  9. You will be buying new ones soon if you don't! I learned the hard way. I've been through 2 sets of guru probes at $25 a pop.

    Take a look at the "Smoke Turkey" thread. I posted a pic of a turkey and there's a properly foiled probe on there.


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