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A-Maze-N vs ProQ Cold Smoke Generators

Discussion in 'Info and Practices' started by pokey, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. pokey

    pokey Meat Mopper

    Has anyone had hands-on experience with both of these smokers? I didn't see anything in a search and hoped for a direct comparison.
  2. scarbelly

    scarbelly Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

    There are a number of us who have been using the A MAZE N SMOKER for a while now and love it. If you were to search this forum you would find a lot of guys that have joined in on the fun. I would give it a very high rating and if you ask Bearcarver or Beer-B-Que, I am sure they would be happy to share their experiences. I just used mine yesterday to smoke some jerky and it performed well even thought it was raining. 
  3. pokey

    pokey Meat Mopper

    Thanks for the reply. I've seen the incredible groundswell for the A-MAZE-N. But when I saw the ProQ, I thought it looked very similar. That was what prompted the question. It's interesting, though, that it looks like the ProQ preceded the A-MAZE-N by a few months but never got any traction. The ProQ costs about the same, but had significantly higher shipping costs coming from the UK. But in the grand scheme of things, the difference doesn't add up to much more than the cost of pellets to smoke a butt. People seemd to be waiting foir the A_MAZE-N instead of the trying out the ProQ.
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  4. rbranstner

    rbranstner Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I would say that they would probably permform pretty close to the same. This isn't a bash against the ProQ but I will stick with a product made in the USA, even better it is made in my home state of MN and even better than that it is made by one of our own here on the SMF. Like I said I am sure the ProQ performs great and would be a great product but I will stick with what I have as the A-Maze-N-Smoker performs great as well.
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  5. Bearcarver

    Bearcarver SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster Group Lead OTBS Member

    I saw them after I got my A-MAZE-N-SMOKER.

    The dust goes around a circle, instead of back & forth.

    They light it with a candle underneath.

    I think they sell for about 50 L (however much that is).

    I guess if I lived in Europe, I'd look closer at them, but since I don't want to scratch my head trying to translate Grams & Kilograms, I didn't bother. I never bought a Japanese car or truck either.

    Maybe it's just me, but if I can get the same thing here & there, I buy US.

    I did however buy a really nice fillet knife set, with 3 knives, a scissors, a fillet board with clamp, and a couple other things, all in a nice carrying case from the UK. It only cost me about $20, but it took 5 weeks to get here for about $30 shipping.

    Then when you consider, there is no way you could find a better guy to deal with than Todd...........Nuff said.

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  6. rbranstner

    rbranstner Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Yep I agree with Bear if I lived in Europe I would probably go with the ProQ.
  7. It rains in your smoker [​IMG]
  8. scarbelly

    scarbelly Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

     Oh if I could only just type one sentance with no tipos LOL
  9. pokey

    pokey Meat Mopper

    Competition is as American as apple pie (or smoked ribs). All things being equal, I will buy American. And if the quality is equal, I'd be willing to pay a little more for an American product over some outsider's. I don't like to compromise on quality, though. Not that I think this is what we're talking about here in the A-MAZE-N vs ProQ discussion.

    It sounds like a no-brainer. I'm ordering the A-MAZE-N today!
  10. chefrob

    chefrob Master of the Pit OTBS Member

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  11. smokingohiobutcher

    smokingohiobutcher Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Having used a wire mesh strainer as a smoke generator substitute for buying the Pro Q when I saw how much the shipping was, I can say that the wire mesh does eventually burn through. especially if you start it over and over in the same spot. check this out...http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/89182/woodchip-burner

    the metal that todd has chosen for the amaze-n-smoker is much sturdier and should last for years. i just smoked some mozzerella cheese for 11 hours on the 8x8  I have and it worked  like a dream.... also during a light rain. I think its great that one our own members has taken a simple idea and turned into some thing that seems to fill the needs of so many people.Great job Todd!!!!    I'm happy for ya man! 


  12. bbally

    bbally Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Buy the A MAZE N Smoker... if you don't like it I will be it from you to have an extra one.

    This is one nice unit.
  13. beer-b-q

    beer-b-q Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

    "Buy American"

    I would definitely recommend the A-MAZE-N-SMOKER...  It has performed flawlessly for me and I have taken to using it instead of the chip burner on my 40"MES.  If you buy one you will be hooked...  Also I recommend getting the largest one you can.  The 6X8 is only $5.00 more than the 6X6 and well worth the difference.
  14. macsbbq

    macsbbq Newbie

    Just to clarify a few points...

    The ProQ was released about a year before the A-Maze-n-smoker.

    We now ship from within the USA, so have passed on the savings to our customers, the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator now costs $29.99, which includes shipping see here http://www.macsbbq.co.uk/Order USA.html

    Other differences are...
    • The ProQ gives consistent burns for 10 hours or more on just 100g of wood dust.
    • There is no need for a torch to light it, it's supplied with a small candle to get the dust going.
    Hope this helps

  15. Bearcarver

    Bearcarver SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster Group Lead OTBS Member


    No offense, but if you now ship from the US, you might want to use ounces & pounds, instead of "g".

    That would make it easier for guys like me who don't think it should be the buyers job to look up a conversion chart, especially if that product is being sold in the USA.

    The site I found had 50 L as the price (My computer can't even make that squirrely little L with a line through it).

    Toyota & Datsun have plants in the US too, but some of us still look at them as "Foreign" cars.

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  16. squirrel

    squirrel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Hi Ian,

    I have a question. In your ad it says Unlike other products on the market (a-maze-n-smoker, Porky Pa's, the bradley smoker and the SmokePistol) the ProQ requires no gas or electricty to operate.

    The A-Maze-N Smoker doesn't require gas or electricity to use, unless you are referring to using the torch to light the dust? What exactly are you using to light the candle with in your ad?
  17. scarbelly

    scarbelly Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member


    His post says 10 hours and their ad says 8 hours

    I still say BUY AMERICAN
  18. tjohnson

    tjohnson Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Insider OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    • "MADE IN USA"
    • "Patent Pending" In the USA
    • Will Not Rust - 100% U.S. Stainless Steel
    • Fabricated Locally from #304 Stainless Steel  Supplied by U.S. Steel Companies
    • Ships With 1 Full Pound of Hickory From the USA - Enough for (4) Smokes in the 6x6
    • Can Be Used for Both Cold & Hot Smoking
    • Does Not Require Any Electricity - Can Use a Lighter, Micro Torch or Propane Torch
    • Light Both Ends for More Smoke and Light the Center for Even More Smoke!!
    • 6"x6" Will "Conservatively" Smoke for 6-8+ hours and the 6"x8" for 8-10+
    • (2) Sizes Currently Available 6"x6"x1.125" & 6"x8"x1.375"
    • Custom Sizes Available Upon Request!!!
    • 8"x8"x1.5" for Larger Smokers & More Smoke Available Soon
    • Very Sweet Smelling Thin Blue Smoke
    • No Sticky Creosote
    • Easy To Clean
    • 15 Varieties of 100% Natural Sawdust Available From U.S. Suppliers
    • Over a Ton of Sawdust On-Hand
    • A-MAZE-N Customer Service!!!
    • Dealer Inquiries Welcome!!!
    • U.S. Dollars Stay In the USA!!! - Order, Fab & Ship with 100% U.S. Companies!!!
    Thanks for all the support!!!!

    Todd Johnson
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  19. macsbbq

    macsbbq Newbie

    I hear you all...and it's seems I've fired up some good ole patriotism (I'm all for it).

    100g is approximately 3.5 ounces - since we sell worldwide it's grams that wins... only very few countires have resisted metrication.

    I'm not sure what the "site I found had 50 L as the price" is about?

    The point about the gas/ electric is... you have to buy a torch to light the AMNS, where as our unit comes ready to rock and roll ( assume you have matches in your house).

    Our ad does say "up to 10 hours", but with research from over a1500 users, it does in fact give burns of 10 hours or more...  don't see a problem with giving our customers more than they expect.

    I admire your patriotism guys, but fact is Toyota and other "foreign countires (not too sure about Datsun) are now market leaders in the USA, for no other reason that they make great products.

    "Has anyone had hands-on experience with both of these smokers? I didn't see anything in a search and hoped for a direct comparison."

    This was the original question, so far no one, myself included, has been able to answer it fairly.

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  20. squirrel

    squirrel Master of the Pit OTBS Member


    If you would like to send me one of your units to compare to the A-Maze-N Smoker I would be more than happy to test them side by side and post my findings with pictures. Your "point" about the gas/electric, in my opinion, is false advertising. You used a BUTANE lighter in your video, and if I'm not mistaken also appears to be a DISPOSABLE BUTANE lighter, where as the torch that I bought is a REFILLABLE butane torch. Also, what about the candles? Do you send me a lifetime supply of those or do I have to purchase them as well?

    Listen sir, I am all for good, honest competition and I understand marketing strategy as I am in the advertising business as a photographer. But, to make it sound like all the other smokers out there are inferior to yours because they require "gas/electric" is just wrong, when in fact you are using the exact same gas to start yours in your advertising. I am guessing if you used a match you would not get the candle lit on the first try because of possible wind. So, saying to use matches and then you used a lighter, well, you surely get my point by now.
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