A little moose jerky

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  1. Made a couple pounds of moose jerky, call it a test run in the new smoke house. I used to use a MES, until it crapped out. It took hours, to drive off the moisture, and get a good chewey product that wasn't wet. Before that I used a Little Chief electric smoker.

    So I tried a commercially available blend of spices, from a retailer in Edmonton, Alberta, called Mountain Blend. Added the appropriate amount of cure #1, as well as brown sugar, the spice blend was a tad hotter than I prefer. Then into the refer overnight. That gave me time to build the jerky tray for the smoke house. It is oak framed, and the mesh is 5 mesh stainless (5 squares per linear inch). Didnt get any before pics sorry 'bout that!

    On the tray in the smoker, I used some of Todd's Pitmasters Choice, in the AMNPS

    The jerky was done in under 3 hours, here it is cut for vac packing. Used the VacMaster Pro 260

    And after packaging...

    SWMBO, wanted to go get groceries, to this had more time in the smokehouse that I wanted, I would have pulled it earlier. Turned out drier than I was aiming for, but a successful first run.
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  2. crazymoon

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    BB, Nice looking smokehouse and jerky!
  3. Nice looking jerky. The smoke house also looks good.

    Happy smoken.

  4. dirtsailor2003

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    Tasty looking jerky! Nice smoke!
  5. Good looking stuff .... Love the individual packaging .

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