A full Smoker is a Happy Happy Smoker!!!

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Nov 3, 2011
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Didn't know for sure where to put this in the forum so here we go

Great weather for some more cold smoking so I thought I would try to fill the smoker as full as I could

Smoker Temp Just Perfect

View media item 277568
View media item 277569
Just over 6lbs of Pepper Jack Also did 6lbs of Colby Jack - Getting stocked up for summer

View media item 277571
View media item 277570
View media item 277572
Pepper Jack above - Colby Jack below

View media item 277573
View media item 277578
View media item 277574
View media item 277575
Throw in some pickles HUH

View media item 277576
all sliced up and ready to go

View media item 277577
View media item 277578
Liked pretzels so much last time did another batch of them no Cayanne this time just slap your momma

Link from last time with recipe http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/153736/smoked-pretzels-with-a-kick-and-w-p-view

View media item 277579
View media item 277580
View media item 277581
View media item 277582
View media item 277583
Only did one box of butter

View media item 277584
bottom two racks of smoker with the a maze n smoker doing its job

View media item 277585
That fridge smoker is full and very very happy

View media item 277586
Doing the devil brand of mixed pellets with this batch - Thanks for looking more to come in a while

Will plan on smoking this for 3hrs or so since temp is just cool enough

As you can see did not do the best cutting the Colby Jack, used different knife on Pepper Jack turned out a lot better
Hey driedstick

never thought of smoking dill pickles--great idea

Seen it from Nepas one time a couple of others I just took off the pickles and WOW great I put them back in the jar of juice and will let them mellow for a while and try again, I am thinking about using the juice for devild eggs or egg salad samies

I have to do the eggs next

Thanks Gary - give it a try
Smoked for about 4hrs left the cheese in the smoker overnight when I get off work tonight they will be vac packed and into the fridge for my summer stash
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