8.5' X 24' BBQ Concession Trailer

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by buckscent, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Well as much as I hate it, I have to sell my BBQ rig for personal reasons.  It is a 2011 and I have used it only a few times just do not have the time to run it like it should be. Trailer is a very eye catching Yellow tandem axel with brakes on both axels. 10' screened in porch with a Bubba Grill 250R reverse flow smoker (Will do about 50 - 60 butts at one time). Prep table on the porch next to smoker. Light and 2 receptacles on porch. 14' enclosed with 50Amp service, clear and grey water tanks, hot water heater,3 bay sink and hand sink, 17 cubic foot freezer, refrigerator, 24" Char-Broiler, 24" Griddle, 43Lb 2 basket fryer, 8' hood with fire suppression. 6ft serving window, shelves and cabinets. Floor is aluminum tread plate inside and out. 100Lb gas bottle. This trailer will cook everything and anything you want, real eye catcher at festivals and sitting on the side of the road on the weekends. Will pass any inspection in the country. For any info or pic's please PM me your E-Mail address.
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    I am interested could you email me pictures of the exterior and interior to [email protected]. My cell is 512-415-4225

    Kevin Condict
  3. scrappynadds

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    Hey Buckscent

    While your trailor is way out of my league I'm sure SMF would love to see it, post a couple of pic's and heck you never know someone may see it and buy it.........
  4. smokeycole

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    send pics and mftr details. Generator on board? info on all.

  5. grillmasterb

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  6. braddowlen

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    Would like to see pictures please.
  7. bigdog bbq

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    interested, would like to see pics, is the smoker wood, propane electric, any other appliances included and what is the asking price
  8. thrash

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    Is your trailer still available?

    If so, I would like pictures and more information.


    Todd Thrasher
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    Interested in trailer, can u tell me year, manufacture , size of main rails in frame, sink size, electrical hookup 110-220v, size of water tanks , does it have ac, who made cooker , did u buy trailer already setup or did u buy shell and built ur self.
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    Did You notice the OP posting date was 3 years ago.Up in the left hand corner.You probally will not get a reply


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