72% pork trim for sausage?

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Oct 3, 2008
Sac City,IA
Would 72% trim work for sausage or would it be to fatty? Or should I use pork butts? I can get a 60 lb box of trim for .75 a pound $45 or 65 lb box of boneless butts for $1.20 a pound $78.

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nice thing about the butts is... the fat to meat ratio is perfect for sausage... don't know anything about the trimmings (beginner here)... so my vote is on the butts
oops.. just re read your post.... boneless butts ? so then I am just going to back out and let the pro's make suggestions....
I have found that these trim boxes contain a lot of belly/ picnic/trim..works for commercial sausage because they usually put a crumb style of binder in their sausages.For home the butt =QUALITY.
I think I read one time that butts avg was around 25% fat,don't know if that's correct or not.the pork is straight from Tyson meat plant,bone in is $1.08 a pound,
I have tested the fat content of ground pork butt (decent quality ones..not a lot of external cap fat) and they were 17% fat. so the 25% wouldn't be out of line if they had a covering of 1/4+ fat on them...The machine was for testing ground beef.started with a 4oz patty that was broiled for 15 minutes.the water and fat dripped into a test tube. when done there was a slide scale and the fat only was scaled..not the water content
I'd go with the butts.

I did a test on an average butt once and came up with 24% fat and 76 lean. Thats after the bone and waste were removed.
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Wow that's a great price on boneless butts. I think everybody else is paying considerably more than that for bone in butts and if you remove the weight of the bone, their price per pound of meat is even higher!  You must have one heck of a hook up at the meat store!

As to the trim vs butt....  depends on the quality of the trimmings and what you intend on making.  Would be perfect to mix with a leaner cut of meat to even out the fat content. It's hard to go wrong with a butt though.
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Also making deer burger,we have 4 deer as of now and hopefully a couple more before were done,I would think that the trim would be good for mixing in with deer meat for burger and then use the butts for bbb and sausage? There's a whole list of good meat prices that I got from a friend that works at a packing plant {Tyson} Mike
The fat ratio on the trim is ok with me.  Not knowing the actual quality of the trim?  I would go with the butts, especially at that price.

Good luck and good smoking.
"trim" is a nice way of calling scraps something other than "scraps".  thats what cheap commercial sausage, "hotdogs" are made from.  if your making this for yourself, why wouldnt you use a quality cut??  where talking cents here not dollars.  you can buy ready made at that price let alone going throw all the trouble of making/cleaning for yourself or family.  if you need fat, by belly. 

p.s, those "throwaways" if not completely utilized get sold/given off to rendering plants
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