6th Annual SMF Carolinas Smokers Gathering (May 19, 20 and 21, 2017) WITH PICS

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We'll be firing up the smokers for another great weekend in the Carolinas. The last 5 have been really great. So save that weekend for some good food, good beer and good times.

We hope to see all our old friends and hopefully make some new ones too.

Check out the past 4 gatherings here.

1st Annual NC Gathering

2nd Annual NC Gathering

3rd Annual NC Gathering

4th Annual NC Gathering

5th Annual NC Gathering

We will once again have it at our "Lake View Estate" in Concord, NC. We are about 20 minutes north of Charlotte in Concord.

Map to the gathering

Going to plan some demonstrations of who knows what again, it will be fun and educational. We have a big backyard so bring your tents and small campers. Sorry no RV hookups. This is a family friendly event and we encourage folks to bring the kids along. They always have fun. There are also some hotels in the area if you need one.

Hotels in the Area

For those who have not attended a SMF gathering before it will be a weekend of relaxing, eating, and fellowship. It is a chance to meet some of the great SMF'ers you interact with everyday. You won't find a nicer group of people or better food. Last years gathering was a great success and we hope for an even better turnout this year. We plan on some surprise giveaways too. So please make time for a great weekend you will remember for years to come.
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It will be great to see everyone again at the NCSG............. I have a load of dried pecan ready for the smoker so we'll have plenty of fire wood.

Hope to see everyone there


Your the boss of the friday lunch. Its been awesome every time. I liked the chicken skewers we had last year but i also liked the beef strips we had the year before...lol
What does everyone think about a stuffed tenderloin for Saturday afternoon? i will be there Saturday and i will try to bring some things to smoke that might be outside the norm. might roll a fattie too.

Any recommendations, suggestions or requests?

Happy Smoking,

phatbac (Aaron)
I have plenty of ribs. been grabbing 2 every time they go on sale. I'll pick up a full packer brisket from sam's and get an early start sat morning. Whats stuffed in the butt Scott? 

Will be good to see you again Aaron

This would be a first for me - I already have plans to see Brad Paisley on the 20th though, so I might not be able to make it for the whole time, but I would love to meet everyone so hopefully, I'll be able to make it.

I have something special for lunch Saturday the 20th i found a couple of very nice things in my freezer i forgot i had that will be smoked and brought!

Looking forward to it!

phatbac (Aaron)
Somebody give me the run down . Live in Mooresville and this sounds up my alley. Do we bring our smokers ? Money ? Sides ? Do you come and go ? Someone give me the run down ? -
Ok there will be some smokers there if you want to bring something to smoke you can smoke it there. you also can smoke something at home and bring it there (what im doing) bring anything you like.

You can come and go some people camp out in the back yard of Scott (Alelover). there will be family friendly environment.and there will be adult beverages if that is your thing.

I usually just come for Saturday but that is because i cannot camp due to medical reasons.

We just have good smoked food and a good time meeting and hanging out with each other. PM alelover for more specific questions.

The place isnt hard to find it GPS's well.

Hope to see you there,

phatbac (Aaron)
Hey Scott,  My truck should be ready any day now. Waiting on a driveshaft to be made. Was thinking about getting some oysters for the gathering. Any oyster lovers at your place. Like to try out my new shucker.


is there a seafood market in the area., I could bring them from raleigh. Would like to find out how much a bushel is in your area...

oh and the apple pie is ready...... 
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