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Discussion in 'Pork' started by bostonmike, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. bostonmike

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    Hi Guy's and Girls,

    Planning on smoking a pork Butt this weekend, and need some advice. From what I am reading i need 1.5 hours per pound which should put me at 71/2 hours. if i understand this right I need to smoke till internal temp reaches 140, remove, wrap and continue heating until internal temp reaches 200 degrees or so, all the while keeping smoker between 225 and 230? does that sound right? Being the newbie here I would also like to ask what other meat or poultry would go good with the pulled pork, I was thinking chicken, but I don't know if they can smoke together at the same time. any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks 
  2. sauced

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    I wrap mine when it hits 165. Or....you don't wrap it and continue to cook as is till the temp hits that 200 - 205 range and the bone pulls out real easy. Unwrapped gives better bark. The times you have are really a guide, she will be done when she is done!!

    The chicken would be a great addition.....two different meats. Add in some smoked beans, slaw and plenty of cold drinks and you will be the king!!!
  3. sauced

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    Forgot to mention....after it has hit that 200 - 205 temp, you need to wrap it in foil and some towels and set it in a cooler to rest for about an hour, then it's ready to be pulled.
  4. bostonmike

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    Thank you, I like the unwrapped idea better. I know (stupid) is there ice in the cooler, and what is the purpose of it???
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    If the butt gets done early it can be wrapped in foil & towels & put in a dry cooler. It will stay hot for 5 or 6 hours.

    If the butt is done on time it only needs to sit on the counter for about 1/2 hour, then can be pulled.

    Good luck!

  6. garvinque

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    What he said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with the cook.
  7. slipaway

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    And.... Don't let the stall scare you. Yesterday I did a 7 lb bone-in butt and it stalled for over 2 hours. Ended up wrapping it to push it thru the stall. Took about 10 hours total (and I kept pushing the temps up a little at a time until I was looking over 275 on the smoker).

    IT reached 205 almost exactly 9 1/2 hours from start.

    You really can't rush it too much so you might want to plan on the butt getting done 1-2 hours early and wrapping like Al said. If it takes longer then you will have some slack time built in.

    Just my 2 cents............

    Good luck.

    P.S. I added Pete's Wicked Baked Beans and fries with it..............

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