4th of July Brisket w. Q-View!!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by islandqking, Jul 4, 2014.

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    So I do have a few questions for the Brisket veterans.  I used a very basic rub.  Salt, Pepper, Montreal Steak Seasoning...

    1st time I've ever smoked with lump hardwood.  Royal oak.  I am completely convinced by its performance.  I held a great temp all day.   I added in some logs to practice temp and clean smoke control. 

    Pecan splits.....used apple chunks as well. 

    I kept the pit between 235-270....I stayed around 250 most of the cook.  I burned through roughly 12 lbs of hard lump.  Is that normal for an 7 hour cook?  I had to keep my intake wide open or else I would drop below 250. 

    I started adding pecan wood....I would keep the firebox door cracked a bit until the smoke cleared out...around 10 minutes or so.  I have never done that and it seems to have worked really well.  I kept a nice thin smoke most of the cook. 

    I wrapped in butcher paper...which I loved.  I wrapped around 6.5 hours.  As you see I set a decent bark and smoke ring. 

    I pulled my brisket at 203.  However, the flat had a little bit more tug than I wouldve liked.  The point and flat below the point was nice and tender.  I also wouldve liked the fat cap rendered a bit more.  Should I have cooked this more to feel than temp? 

    Was it tight at the right temp to pull it off because I cooked it a little bit higher than 225???   I also accidentally wrapped it around 185.    Should I have just cooked it longer??  To break down the tissue more than it was?   I expected a longer cook.  10 lb packer.....started at 6 am...fully expected it to take longer.  Pulled off according to temp.  Mistake??  Suggestions please....

    The flavor and bark was fantastic.  The section of the flat closest to me in the pics was the tougher section??  Ideas are welcomed.  Thanks guys.  Happy 4th....

  2. Yum! I need to get me a brisket soon.
  3. Hello.  For brisket I cook to IT of about 190-195 then start using the toothpick test.  Sometimes you just gotta keep that dude on there forever until that fat renders properly and then that flat would have been better I think.  All in all that looks a mighty fine meal!  Keep Smokin!

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         In the sliced picture, can you see how the flat is slightly lifted off the cutting board a little.  Is this from it being too "TIGHT" still?  Or does it happen with the cut of meat sometimes??  I thought if it was rendered and broken down more it would let go nd lay flat?
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    I did almost the exact same thing for my packer. Details are surprisingly similar.


    I think next time I'm going to either probe frequently once IT reaches 200 or just wait until IT gets up to 210 or so. I too pulled my packer at 203 and the flate ended up not quite tender enough. I rested for 30 min, removed the point, seasoned the cut spot, then smoked it for another 4 hours to make burnt ends. The burnt ends were amazing. Crispy bark, super tender inside, near perfect. The flat was tasty, smokey, etc, but a bit firm. Not chewy by any stretch just not as tender as I had hoped.

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