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Feb 24, 2007
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Hi friends, got a new laptop and took me a while to get back going. (Sidebar-Windows Vista is crap!).
In any case, I'm going to 321 some Hormel St Louis style ribs (what's that mean?) and from what I have read, I'm thawing them, removing the white membrane from the back of the ribs, putting on my dry rub and smoking them for 2-3 hours until I see some pullback on the bones. Question is, after wrapping them up, why bother smoking? Can I save a little propane and wood by throwing them in the oven at 225 for the next 1-2 hours? If they're wrapped, smoke's not getting in. This may be blasphemy to the purists....but it seems to be logical (Spock). Also, nobody seems to spray/coat/honey the ribs during the first 2 hours, is this correct? Thank you!
yes you can save some propane and finish them indoors...yes the blasphemy...lol

and once you start the second part "2" you dont need to add anymore wood...the smoke happens the first part of the smoke... and the third part of the step is to firm up the ribs
To answer a couple of your questions.

What is a St Louis Style Rib? The St Louis style rib is a normal spare-rib that has had the brisket bone along the top removed so that all of the ribs are the same length. This makes it easier to cut and eat.

For 3-2-1, you want the first part at 3 hours or until the ribs pull back from the end of the bones by 1/4 inch or so.

The 2-portion can be done in the oven, but I would keep them on the pit so temps are ready for the final 1 hour firm up portion. If you want to save some wood, that is fine, but make sure to add some before the final firm up.

When you wrap the ribs during the 2 hour portion, you add in whatever liquid you would normally baste/spray with. When you wrap the ribs inside, this liquid will steam your ribs and cause the muscle tissue to break down and become super tender. This is why you need the 1 hour firm up session afterwards.
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