20 lbs of Leg Quarters

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Dec 31, 2016
Canyon Lake, TX
My local grocery had their 10 lb bags of chicken leg quarters for $3.90 per bag. So two bags later, I had 20 lbs of chicken soaking in the Slaughterhouse Brine overnight.

I then dried them off and trimmed any excess skin and tails and added Jeff's Rub liberally to all the parts.

Fired up the MES30 and set it to 220f. Loaded up four racks of chicken and started the smoke using 50/50 pecan and cherry chips from my HEB store.

Smoked 4 hrs at 220f until the IT was 165f and then cranked it up to 240f to finish them off to an IT of 175f. Going to pull all the meat, so wanted them good and done.

After cooking pulled all the meat and plan to vacuum seal using my Foodsaver in 7" pouches with 2 cups of smoked cubed chicken in each pouch.

I use the meat in chicken pot pie, chicken vegetable soup, chicken salad and any other recipe calling for canned chicken. Probably
make 20 packs of finished product. Should last us a couple of months. Not bad for $7.80.
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