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1st Cook completed

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by Texmex03, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Texmex03

    Texmex03 Newbie

    Completed first electric cook yesterday and first low and slow ever. Did a 4.5 lb point cut brisket. Cooked at 240 for 9+ hours to internal 194 degrees then pulled off wrapped and rested for an hour. Brisket turned out great.

    -I used a TP20 and it was definitely needed because temps on mes230 are not that accurate.

    -The only issue I had was getting smoke. It doesn’t seem to generate smoke much unless it gets at the 250ish range. I played around with. The wood dispenser in and out and top vent stayed open. Amnps will be in tomorrow so hopefully I won’t have to mess with that anymore.

    -is there a vent mod to replace the wood chip dispenser with a vent like the top?

  2. Hi, Welcome to the forum. Yes there is a mod I use. The River Rat Damper. Here are some shots of it DSCN2812 (3).JPG Very simple to make out of a vegetable can with hand tools. Jted

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  3. normanaj

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  4. SonnyE

    SonnyE Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Hi Texmex03!
    You have hit on why many here do modifications, or use alternate methods to generate smoke.
    I did a single smoke of Salmon, then began my quest to modify my MES 30 to the Frankinmonster it now is.
    But each step and part separates things so each is in control individually. Smoke is controlled in my version of a 'Mailbox Mod', and heat in the MES 30 is by the MES control, or my Bypass Modification. And draft is my added piece of smoke stack.
    I now use an AMNPS tray, and pellets. The tray gives me ~11 hours of continuous smoke when full. And pellets are available everywhere around town around me.
    So basically, I could have gotten by with merely an analog MES smoker, then modified it. But I am glad I have the OEM Masterbuilt digital control on mine.

    Ultimately, I have removed the upper vent control, but still use the fixed part of it. I moved the vent control movable part part to the face of my "mailbox". But it reality, everything is just used wide open. That's so the smoke can naturally draft through my conglomeration.

    I'm real happy with my new smoker. Just not impressed with what it took to make it "mine".
    It is the highest end smoker I have ever had, and the most controllable. So after 50+ years of dabbling with home made smokers, I guess I've finally entered the modern age of smoking. LMAO!

    I think I'll do my Salmon today. :rolleyes: ;)
  5. Mop

    Mop Newbie

    Interesting, vent mod for the side ... cause when you have the AMNPS, there really isn't a need for the loader? I supposed opening it a bit would work also? Though vent mod would be just as nice. I might try the mailbox mod route, that seems worthy of trying for a lot of gain.
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