18.5" WSM compared to the 14.5"

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Oct 4, 2016
Decatur, IL
I asked for 18.5" WSM and got the 14.5".....I read up a lot on the 18.5 as it was what I was wanting. What are the main differences between the two as far as smoking and cooking on them? I am hoping I can do the same amount of cooking on the small as opposed to the medium size.
You are going to be somewhat limited in the amount of food you can fit in the 14.5.

It's nice for 2 people because you can smoke small meals & it doesn't use much fuel.

I answered this in your other post.

For everyday cooking (I cook for four) I prefer the 14 over the 18. It is more fuel efficient than the 18. The only issues you'll have is trying to fit a full packer brisket or full racks of ribs. Which depending on size can still be an issue on the 18.

I have cooked two 9 pound butts in my 14. I have also cooked a whole 12 pound turkey. Two spatched or whole chickens is also possible.

Keep the 14 and start saving for the 22".
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