16" Pipe Reverse Flow

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Jun 14, 2013
Climax Springs, Mo
I have a patio side box smoker that is 16" diameter by 1/4" wall. The CC is about 30" and FB is 16"ish long. I was considering cutting off FB and adding it to the CC to make it bigger. Then I would build a new square FB for it. My question is could a 16" x 46" CC be made a reverse flow?
I don't see any reason why it couldn't be a reverse flow. Could go the tuning plate route too if you wanted. Size is personal preference. Are you wanting to add cooking area to an already existing cooker? Run your numbers through the build calculator for your new firebox size, and chamber/exhaust openings. Certainly do-able
No problem. Sounds like a fun little project and should be some god experience towards a future build?? ;) Don't forget to post pics and updates
Oh, and this is in the side firebox section, check out the reverse flow section if you haven't seen it already for more info and topics specific to reverse flow builds
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