Does collector metal thickness matter?

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Mar 30, 2020
Everything on my current build is 1/4", but I mistakenly grabbed 3/16 for the smoke collector. I have a 4 foot by 5 inch sch 40 pipe sitting on top of it. Any issue anybody can think of using 3/16 versus taking a loss and buying a half sheet of quarter inch?
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IMO, the collector is part of the stack and the heat/air is moving so fast through there, I don't think there's a lot of time for heat loss.

Its the Venturi effect, narrowing speeds up air or water flow. Like holding your thumb halfway over the end of the garden hose.

If I had 3/16" available, I would not spend the money to go 1/4. But that's just me.
Here's some thermal images from a YouTubers site, can see there's not much heat loss from the bottom of the stack to the top.

Top pic is the now defunct Fat Stack smoker.

Bottom pic is the Franklin, which shows a small amount of heat building in the collector. I think Franklin uses schedule 40 on his stack, but Im not sure of that.

Fat Stack thermal.jpg

Franklin Thermal Image.jpg
Thank you Smokin.....That is helpful... the quote I got today foe a half sheet of 1/4" was helpful too....ouch. $120 for a half sheet.....looks like 3/16 it is...thanks for the pics that solidified my decision...
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