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boston butt

  1. TheGrumpyGriller

    Boston Butt (1st Attempt!!!)

    OK - the proverbial newbie question :) I got a Traeger Timberline 1300 for Christmas and have done a large brisket and a bunch of smaller items as well, but now it's pulled pork time :emoji_alien: One thing I've learned already is cooking to temp, rather than based on time, however....I have a...
  2. Jclear

    My First Pork Butt Cook - Pics and Details

    I made a plan and have been taking notes since I started this cook, last night at 10:30. I have some pics and I'll list out details like I did in the notes I took. I'll be honest, I've had some trouble with this cook, especially keeping my fire going and hot. I'm not sure if it's something...
  3. Jclear

    Do I Brine a Boston Butt?

    Just joined the forum today, plan to smoke my first boston butt on Saturday (4/25/20). I have been doing some research and reading some of the stickies on here. Great forum, great info. My first smoke was a Turkey breast for the family on easter weekend; which I brined overnight and it turned...
  4. jfleming9232

    Smokin' in the Rain!!

    Two Boston Butts, rubbed, injected and in the smoker. Looking forward to some pulled pork sandwiches tonight!!
  5. mr mac

    Hurricane Nestor Smoke

    Been some time since I last posted. Here is a shot that shows my dedication to the craft. Despite the deluge, the Boston Butt was the hit of the hurricane party!
  6. loosechangedru

    Top round roast and overnight pulled pork

    Started a couple of boston butts last night on my 18.5 WSM, and had plans for a top round to join them in the morning. I was a little lazy last night, I did not prepare the beef until the morning. Lit chimney @ 10pm, temp stable @235* with applewood, water in the water pan, and butts on by about...
  7. Anthony Kemp

    2nd Smoke Session Boston Butt

  8. C

    Searching for Food Truck Info

    Hello All!!! New to the board and have a few questions. I’ve searched the forum best I could and haven’t quite got all of them answered. So please bear with me here.... First off I will be purchasing the truck this week barring everything goes accordingly. We will cook the basics both breakfast...
  9. olesmoky

    9lb Boston Butt

    So I have been checking out these forums for years (recently I have remembered to login) - anyway my son was born on 3/3/18 and the nurses impressed me so much I decided to smoke a 9 pound butt and deliver it to the hospital to say thank you.....they do noble work and don't get paid enough in my...
  10. N

    Hot/Mustard Slaw for pulled pork and hotdogs???

    Searched the forum and didn't really see any mention of it. It's definitely a southern thing (kinda like the Alabama white sauce). I make my own which closely resembles a place called Bunyuns in Florence, Alabama that is famous for it. I don't really have a recipe, kinda just do it by adding...
  11. waltiti

    QUESTION... internal temperature for super tender meat, but...

    Hi guys, I'm new. I have a gas vertical smoker, and I use the gas in minimum because I like to use wood chunks or half size logs, gas burn the logs and make a little fire, I like cherry for a mild smoke, like to keep the smoker in 250, and I use a big water pan to prevent direct fire. At...
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