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  1. Just finished a two day cook. Cooked and served over 150 of our local 1st responders. Our Church has only 20 members but we pulled this off today. Now they are talking about next year and making it bigger. I cooked 13 hrs Friday and came back in this morning to heat things up and cook the beans. My dogs are tired but it was worth it. One of the State Troopers said we could have 2 free hours on the highway because he needed a nap after eating so much. I know he was kidding so I asked for a Get Out Of Jail card and he just laughed.

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    Thumbs Up

    Great job I know they appreciated it.
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    Your deed is point worthy...Thanks
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    Great job!!  That's a lot of work to feed that many people.  But the first responders sure deserve a free lunch every now and then.

    A Get Out of Jail Free Card wouldn't  be hard to take.  LOL

  5. Hope the dispatcher and the behind the scenes folks got to take a plate too.
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    Nice job for a worthy cause!

  7. Everybody that could not leave the stations was carried a plate. Air Evac Lifeteam said they were coming but was grounded because of weather the night before. That would have been a sight when they landed to eat. Everybody pitched in together and made it a great day.
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    Congrats and excellent job. I have a Brother-In-Law who Is a first responder, so I know the food was appreciated.

    Would you care to share the details of the smoke itself. Temp, and wood type. Eager minds want to know.
  9. 16 - 10 lb.  Boston Butts

    Mustard and rub the night before.

    All hickory wood.

    Friday morning.

    Fire started at 5:15 am

    Butts on at 8:00 am cooking at 275 deg.

    Wrapped butts at 11:00 am

    Took butts off smoker at 4:00 pm

    Butts pulled by 5 pm and ready for the frig.

    Saturday morning.

    Fire started at 5:30 am

    Meat and beans on at 6:45 am

    Meat and beans ready to serve by 9:30 am

    Cut the smoker back to 150 deg.

    Started serving at 11:00 am

    Great turn out and great day.

    Thanks everybody

    And yes! We are having BBQ at Church today.
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  10. This is awesome. 1 because you smoked for 150 people and 2 because it was for the people that keep us safe. Thanks for the act of kindness.
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    What an awesome thing to do ! WOW ! Thumbs Up
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    Yes, points for sure!!
  13. Nice Job and a well deserved pat on the back I know that meant a lot to all the Folks involved  [​IMG]

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    What a great thing you've done!!

    We have had over 5,000 firefighter here for over a month. Some were stationed at the end of my driveway and I talked to them about what they eat. They showed me their version of MREs. Your Q-view looked amazing, and I can't imagine how good it would taste for anyone who's been on the front lines of a huge event like we've had here in central California since July.

    "First responders" doesn't really capture the nature of these amazing people or the major work that they do.

    BTW, here's what it looked from my house a month ago, when things first started burning up:

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    From a guy who is one, thank you. Nice to know there are still people out there that have our back.
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    Now that's a cook! Looks great, and very kind!
  17. so great to see people doing things like this for these men and women.  my son is a firefighter/medic and they, along with law enforcement, get overlooked way to much.  great job and thank you!!!
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    From a First Responder, THANK YOU! It is nice to know we are appreciated. Every now and then when someone either says it or shows it means the world to all of us!
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    You have done two great things, a great cook and a great act of respect. You definitely deserve a point.

  20. Planning for next year already. 

    Thanks for all the replies.


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