“Eating with your eyes”

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That being said, I think this article also motivates me to keep working on making food look as presentable as I can.
What a great write up Jed. Some fantastic insight. As I'm sure you're well aware, Jeff ( jcam222 jcam222 ) makes some truly amazing looking meals that are also healthy as well as tasting fantastic. Lots of folks have followed his recipes and given very high praise to them. My point is that food can be visually appealing, tasty, and healthy. It can be done and I'm starting to pay closer attention to his threads. I've been an extremist my whole life and still am, especially where eating is concerned. I know that at some point I'm gonna have to reconsider my diet and make some changes because I tend to eat whatever I want and as much as I want, health consequences be damned :emoji_laughing: Somewhere along the line it's all going to catch up with me and the change will be inevitable so I'm starting to think ahead, just like you're thinking through the potential pitfalls of our current lifestyles :emoji_wink:

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I recall hearing about a restaurant in Chicago or New York maybe that did meals in total darkness with the guests blindfolded. The idea being taste was all that mattered not presentation. It was an interesting concepts.
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