reverse flow

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  1. Y

    Reverse flow exhaust baffle?

    Hey all, I've been smoking on an electric, and pellet grill for a few months and decided to jump into the stickburner world. I picked up a used custom build trailer unit from a friend. 120 gal CC, 24" cube firebox. Seems to be a nice unit. While firing it up for the first time, it seemed...
  2. K

    Newbie could use some guidance

    I have been reading many posts about building a RF smoker from 275 Oil Tank. Have a few questions as I plan my own. 1) Is it necessary to have a heat shield in addition to the RF plate? If so, what is the purpose? 2) Why is it necessary to have a 24x24x44 firebox if the fire is not going to...
  3. N

    New offset smoker, opinions needed

    I have a propane vertical smoker already but I am interested in a new challenge in the sense of an offset stick burner. I am mainly between the Yoder Loaded Wichita with the heat management plate, and the Johnson Customs Compact Patio pit. They are both around the area for cooking space I am...
  4. SteveR.

    First Smoker Build, Another 60 gallon Reverse flow.

    First time posting, first smoker build, and first major welding project. Been using different types of Smokers for over 30 years. This is all about my first DIY build, and it cant look to "Homemade" or I wont be able have it near the house. Already making some good progress so I will just...
  5. MikieP

    Reverse Flow Gas Pipe Smoker Build

    Hey Yall, My old smoker rusted out from the long hard winters of Minnesota so I figured it was time to build a new one. Luckily my brother-in-law got his hands on some gas main piping and asked if I wanted to build a smoker. Its some pretty big and heavy pipe, weighs roughly 75lbs / ft...