oklahoma joe

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  1. B

    Cold smoking

    Hello! I have been reading for a while, but just joined. I’m smoking yo in Ontario (in a thunderstorm) and wondering about cold smoking with an offset. I came up with this to get some smoke on to my wife’s homemade cheese. Any tips?
  2. F

    Offset Fuel Burning Cash!

    Hi guys, hope I posted in the right place, but have a question about my experience of upgrading from a weber kettle to an Oklahoma Joe recently. So I start off with a chimney of briquettes and a couple of splits. I have apple, it's well seasoned and all broken down into good 8-10" long 2-3"...
  3. BBQ Warlock

    Easter Smoked Leg of Lamb (Bone In)

    Way back in 2019 when we could gatehr in large numbers at Back Yard Barbecues, a friend of mine smoked a Leg of Lamb and it was delicious and recently my Wife and I saw some nice selection of Lamb Legs at our local Wegmans (local grocery chain) and we decided to pick one up. Doing some research...
  4. lancelot61

    Brisket 2nd Go 'round (when to take peach paper off)

    Happy Independence Day Everyone! This is only my second go at smoking a brisket. First one was just ok. This smoke started when one of my friends from work has a father-in-law that sells beef. My co-workers and I decided to buy some Chianina briskets from him as we had heard briskets...
  5. M

    Another question about the Oklahoma Joe's Highland firebox

    So here is the deal. I know this has been asked and all the threads I read tend to give me a different answer so I wanted to though this out there. I bought An OJ Highland lastnight online and am waiting for it to be delivered. 2 things I want to do during assembly is the seal the 2 halves on...
  6. Y

    Oklahoma Joe Combo 3 in 1 - Temp Control

    Complete newbie to smoking and need some help with temp control on my Oklahoma Joe combo smoker. This unit comes with a full size offset firebox but the smoke chamber is only half the size of the grill. With the small smoke chamber the meat is much closer to the firebox and seems to be getting...
  7. Berzin

    Huge temp difference in Oklahoma Joe Highland

    Hi all, I'm new in the community, i searched in the forum bu did not find answers. I just purchased a OJ Highland. Today had to season it, so I thought to equip probes on the grills (iWeber2) to check the temps and try to learn how it works. The smoker has been sealed w high temp silicon and...
  8. B

    Ok Joe offset temperature control issues.

    I purchased an Oklahoma Joe offset smoker. After cooking in it a few times I have found that controlling the temperature on a long smoke is very troublesome. I have done some mods to the smoker. I added gaskets, made a baffle for it, and added a charcoal basket. I can keep a constant...
  9. basheirt

    Beef ribs! It's what's for dinner!

    Preparing for tonight's rib cook-off with friends. Got these bad boys on at about 250 at 8am with lump coal and hickory. Using my tappecue to monitor the cook. Spraying with apple juice & apple cider vinegar mix (1:1) every 30 minutes. Not planning to foil or tray. Just leaving them on the...
  10. T

    Stick burner help

    Last Summer I had purchased one of the original Oklahoma Joe's that was made in Perry Oklahoma. It 1/4" and the welds on it are impeccable. The smoker itself is in great shape and has no rust what so ever. One thing that I am having problems with is the heat distribution across the grate. I have...
  11. J

    Help with Temperature Readings

    Hello everyone, i'm very new to forums and kindof new to smoking meat. I recently acquired a Oklahoma Joe's offset smoker "the highland", i seem to have issues regarding temperature readings... I set up the smoker with another thermometer nearest to the fire box and set up defuser plates in...
  12. Jonathan Carlson

    OKJ Longhorn Top Thermo Gauge vs Grate Level Temp?

    Does anybody have an OKJ Longhorn? What's the temperature difference between the top thermo gauge and grate level temperature? I know there's quite a difference in most all smokers I was just curious about my model. I haven't made any mods to it yet or anything..
  13. Reece

    New to smoking and need help!

    Hi, I am very new to smoking. In fact, I haven’t even smoked my first cut of meat yet. I was given an Oklahoma Joe Highland as an early Father’s Day gift. I’m starting with a few dry runs before I try to throw any meat on this pit. I am having issues with the pit maintaining a constant heat. If...
  14. T

    Hello Smokin’ Smokers from Oakland, CA

    Hi All, I’m new to SMF and it looks like a great community! I am originally from Texas but now live in Oakland, CA. Just got an Oklahoma Joe offset smoker and today will be only my 3rd official smoke (although I did smoke a brisket once on my charcoal Weber dome). I’m still a novice, so any...
  15. Texas Mike

    Oklahoma Joe's

    I have an older Oklahoma Joe's smoker. Serial Number 5871526. It has an ash drawer under the fire box, that has ruined over the years. I cannot find a replacement on the site as my smoker is a pre Char-Broil model. Any suggestions short of bending and welding a plate of steel across the...
  16. M

    Free Wood!!!

    https://flic.kr/p/22TQXsb This is wood a guy is giving to me for free but before I get it I would like to know what type wood it is and if it is worth getting to smoke meat on? I can have all of the wood, but is it worth it. It would solely be for smoking meat. Thanks
  17. BBQ Warlock

    First Chuck Roast... Fail :(

    Greetings everyone, On Sunday, the lady and I decided to smoke something spur of the moment while we were out getting a couple items for dinner. We were in Aldi, and their cuts of meat change periodically, and I decided to see what they had. They had a pre-marinated Chuck Roast that was...
  18. mark in the pit

    Coffee Infused Pork Loin On The Oklahoma Joe

    Coffee Infused Smoked Pork Loin Ingredients: Pork Loin Vegetable Oil Decaf Coffee The Rub The Rub Recipe: 1/2 C Brown Sugar 1/2 C Paprika 1/4 C Black Sea Salt 1/4 C Chili Powder 1 TB Pepper 2 TB Old Bay 1/2 TS Ginger Method: Rub all ingredients (proportions to taste) on the pork loin. I set...