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  1. T

    Beaver cooked prior to grinding

    I'm new to sausage in general. Been trapping beaver for the state for 3 years now. I always just made jerky or burger out of them. You'd think theyd have a good yield. However a 50 pound beaver might yield 15 pounds of very lean beef like meat. However I would like to expand my repitore a bit...
  2. S

    New Member, We Make Smoking Woods!

    Hey Members, My name is Alec and I'm a longtime lurker/learner on here but just finally created an account. I manage a company that makes specialty, hard to source cooking woods for smoking. It's really cool to see what people are trying all around the world, and I wanted to be on here to...
  3. Quicker with liquor

    Hola from Ontario, Canada, EH.

    Hello every one! I stumbled across this forum just a few hours ago while I was sucked down a rabbit hole on the interweb. make my livin building out of timber and logs for 25 years, but i have always had a passion for the BBQ ( real bbq, not that gas grill crap) , as well as for curing meat...
  4. PrairieMomDieselDad

    New kid on the block

    New to smoking. Trying pork bellies for bacon and also ham. Wet cured now trying the cold smoker out. If the meats cured do I need to make sure the temp is below a certain temp? I can ask somewhere else also.
  5. G

    New Member from NJ

    Hello, I am a new member to this forum. I wanted to join as I learned a lot from the discussions available to non members. I am starting small, just smoking on a Weber Kettle Grill - it is just my wife and I so I don't need a lot of capacity right now. I would , however, like to step up to a...
  6. W

    Smoke Pit in Pittsburgh

    Hey, everyone. I think it's finally time for me to stop lurking and join in. Been referring to this forum for years in my cooking, and I'm coming to the point where I might need to ask direct questions. I'm in Pittsburgh and have been smoking for the past ten years or so. Started with a...

    New member, New build

    Hi all, I had reviewed this forum since January, looking for tips, as I started to build my new smoker/cooker. Thanks for all the info I came across and my new build was a success, with a first turkey cook last week! To start, I wanted to buy a "smoker-cooker" with rotisserie and infrared...
  8. BourbonBladesBarbecue

    New member...KCBS Competitor/Judge. Amateur Smoker Builder

    Greetings to all! Excited to join the community. As the thread title states, I'm a KCBS competitor and certified judge/table captain out of Georgia. Competition team size of 1. Cooked in 5 events and placed in 3 of them. Spent the last two years judging to better understand the palettes of...
  9. C

    Hello from Ontario Canada

    Hey there! I'm super excited to be making goose jerky today. I have the meat marinading in the fridge since Wednesday night. I am using a vertical charcoal smoker for only the second time ever. I made goose jerky once last summer and it turned out really good. I only wish I had documented...
  10. R

    First smoke, 8lb bone-in pork shoulder. Fingers Crossed!

    First smoke on my new Pit Boss Pro. Almost 4 hours salted in the fridge. Made my own rub, probably not enough. Rub was a whole lot of fresh ground pepper, plenty of garlic powder, dried minced onion(all I had on hand), a couple dashes of paprika, a dash of cayenne, and a dash of cumin...
  11. E

    Hello from Texas!

    My name is Ed, consider myself a rookie when it comes to smoking because I started little under a year ago. It all started when I saw some Malcolm Reed videos on YouTube and just had to try it so I went out and bought a cheap smoker, as I have a Char-Griller Smoker with a firebox attachment...
  12. nkpal624

    New Member from Massachusetts

    Hey Everyone, I just joined the forums today to learn from all of the experiences smokers and find new ideas. I started smoking meats on a cheap offset smoker early this past summer and love the whole process. I place on making some simple modifications to my smoker this weekend to help keep...
  13. HarleySmoker417


    I have ordered the last of the needed parts for a UDS that friend is building me for a Bday present. this will be my first serious smoker so I have a few Questions about when I get it. he is recycling the drum and burning it out three times, do I still need to season it when I get it? do you...
  14. B

    Hello from Ohio

    Hell to all. New mastercraft smoker with my first test yesterday. I have been reading on this site for the past few months and have enjoyed, so I figured I should join in and pay it forward to other people who enjoy this site as I do. I received my smoker as a gift since people know I enjoy...
  15. S

    Tennessee here

    Hi there, My name Christian. I just got my first smoker for Christmas this year from my wife. It’s a master built extra large gas smoker. I’m actually outside right now seasoning it up. I’m in the insurance business, and it pays the bills! My wife and I just bought our first house in August...