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new member

  1. G

    New Member from NJ

    Hello, I am a new member to this forum. I wanted to join as I learned a lot from the discussions available to non members. I am starting small, just smoking on a Weber Kettle Grill - it is just my wife and I so I don't need a lot of capacity right now. I would , however, like to step up to a...
  2. W

    Smoke Pit in Pittsburgh

    Hey, everyone. I think it's finally time for me to stop lurking and join in. Been referring to this forum for years in my cooking, and I'm coming to the point where I might need to ask direct questions. I'm in Pittsburgh and have been smoking for the past ten years or so. Started with a...

    New member, New build

    Hi all, I had reviewed this forum since January, looking for tips, as I started to build my new smoker/cooker. Thanks for all the info I came across and my new build was a success, with a first turkey cook last week! To start, I wanted to buy a "smoker-cooker" with rotisserie and infrared...
  4. BourbonBladesBarbecue

    New member...KCBS Competitor/Judge. Amateur Smoker Builder

    Greetings to all! Excited to join the community. As the thread title states, I'm a KCBS competitor and certified judge/table captain out of Georgia. Competition team size of 1. Cooked in 5 events and placed in 3 of them. Spent the last two years judging to better understand the palettes of...
  5. C

    Hello from Ontario Canada

    Hey there! I'm super excited to be making goose jerky today. I have the meat marinading in the fridge since Wednesday night. I am using a vertical charcoal smoker for only the second time ever. I made goose jerky once last summer and it turned out really good. I only wish I had documented...
  6. R

    First smoke, 8lb bone-in pork shoulder. Fingers Crossed!

    First smoke on my new Pit Boss Pro. Almost 4 hours salted in the fridge. Made my own rub, probably not enough. Rub was a whole lot of fresh ground pepper, plenty of garlic powder, dried minced onion(all I had on hand), a couple dashes of paprika, a dash of cayenne, and a dash of cumin...
  7. E

    Hello from Texas!

    My name is Ed, consider myself a rookie when it comes to smoking because I started little under a year ago. It all started when I saw some Malcolm Reed videos on YouTube and just had to try it so I went out and bought a cheap smoker, as I have a Char-Griller Smoker with a firebox attachment...
  8. nkpal624

    New Member from Massachusetts

    Hey Everyone, I just joined the forums today to learn from all of the experiences smokers and find new ideas. I started smoking meats on a cheap offset smoker early this past summer and love the whole process. I place on making some simple modifications to my smoker this weekend to help keep...
  9. HarleySmoker417


    I have ordered the last of the needed parts for a UDS that friend is building me for a Bday present. this will be my first serious smoker so I have a few Questions about when I get it. he is recycling the drum and burning it out three times, do I still need to season it when I get it? do you...
  10. B

    Hello from Ohio

    Hell to all. New mastercraft smoker with my first test yesterday. I have been reading on this site for the past few months and have enjoyed, so I figured I should join in and pay it forward to other people who enjoy this site as I do. I received my smoker as a gift since people know I enjoy...
  11. S

    Tennessee here

    Hi there, My name Christian. I just got my first smoker for Christmas this year from my wife. It’s a master built extra large gas smoker. I’m actually outside right now seasoning it up. I’m in the insurance business, and it pays the bills! My wife and I just bought our first house in August...
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