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  1. N

    Mustard crusted leg of lamb, smoked?

    I am trying to get my mind wrapped.around new years. We typically will have a roasted mustard crusted bone in leg of lamb. Except this year, I have a smoker. Not much experience, but that is coming. The question is, can I just take the oven recipe, marinade and all, and just smoke it...
  2. Odie Oskarsson

    Dry cured smoked leg of lamb

    Hi all, a few years ago I posted a thread about making Icelandic Hangikjot using a brine cure. I have made it a dozen times since then and it is always great (I have one stabilizing now after a 2 week cure and 3 day smoke to make for Christmas) My local grocery had a good deal on some nice...
  3. thirdeye

    Sliced Coppa Roasts with Lamb Ribs

    Here is a recent cook featuring Coppa roasts, aka Money Muscle end roasts which are on the top of a pork butt. I cooked another pair of these for my Labor Day TD entry, but these are from the BOGO pork butts I recently posted about. I really like sliced pork shoulder and these roasts are...
  4. absinthedragon

    Easter Smoked Leg of Lamb (Bone In)

    Way back in 2019 when we could gatehr in large numbers at Back Yard Barbecues, a friend of mine smoked a Leg of Lamb and it was delicious and recently my Wife and I saw some nice selection of Lamb Legs at our local Wegmans (local grocery chain) and we decided to pick one up. Doing some research...
  5. slimc

    BBQ Rack of Lamb with video

    Hey everyone, I cooked my first rack of lamb and it came out amazing! Check out the video of you're interested! Rack of Lamb and wings on big green egg
  6. B

    Kentucky Black BBQ Sauce

    I wrote the recipe up on my blog, link over here- 1 cup Worcester sauce 1 cup tomato sauce (for non-US folks, this isn't ketchup, it's more like a severely plain pasta sauce like passata) 1 cup water (for non US folks...
  7. WI_GameMeats

    Herb crusted rack of lamb - First try

    This my first time making lamb, Aldi had a sale for $7.99/lb a while back and had picked up two racks. Made a dinner meal for five of us. I followed Malcom from HowToBBQRight's rack of lamb recipe and thought it turned out awesome. Lamb is so tasty, rich and tender. Cooked the lamb on the...
  8. mdboatbum

    Lamb ribs and chicken thighs

    Went to Wally World the other day and saw what appeared to be little tiny baby back ribs. Upon closer inspection, the package was called "Lamb Breast". I'd had this before, but without the ribs attached. I figured it'd be a good candidate for a dip in the sous vide jacuzzi. Started off at...
  9. CigarLlama

    Ribeyes, Fatty, & Rack of Lamb

    So I didn't exactly know where this was supposed to go given that I think each item has its own category on this site. Tonight I meal-prepped for the week with an assortment of items. It was my first time cooking lamb of any sort, & my second time cooking a fatty. I have become rather familiar...
  10. P

    Where do you get your lamb

    This is a topic that has driven me positively mad for a few years now. I live in SD. A land full of livestock. We have a great butcher shop in my small town. But they don't carry fresh cuts of lamb. They have to order it in frozen. Here's the irritating part. Right here in my area is one of...
  11. WaterRat

    Stuffed Lamb Leg

    Hey All, For Palm Sunday a friend invited me and several others to her place for dinner. She was doing a big ham so I decided to do something a bit different and definitely not pork. I was toying with a beef rib roast or bacon wrapped fillet but decided on a stuffed boneless leg of lamb. This...
  12. Preacher Man

    Leg of Lamb Score - Cooking Suggestions?

    I just got back from Albertson's and found a leg of lamb with a sale by date of today. So I went to the butcher counter and asked if it could be discounted like their other cuts of meat that had to be sold today. She slapped at 50% off sticker on that bad boy! Now I've got to figure out how...
  13. loosechangedru

    Lamb shoulderchops, 4 ways

    My local grocery started carrying lamb shoulder chops (sourced from New Zealand), and they go on sale for 2.99/lb! Great deal! But I wasn't sure how to cook them. Method #1: I tried smoking them at 225 to internal temperature of 110, then seared them for 90-120 seconds each side to bring them...
  14. Odie Oskarsson

    Hangikjot, icelandic smoked lamb (country lamb)

    So, i am a long time lurker and smoking enthusiast. I decided to become a member and post this not just for my information but it seems this is an underserved section of the smoking world. I am an Icelander living in America (for the past 38 years) and my family brings home traditional smoked...
  15. atomicsmoke

    Rack of lamb sous vide

    Not long ago i was rolling my eyes when hearing people talking about sous vide. Now i say "what else i can sous vide ?" So today i am trying a 3 bone rack of lamb. Aim for 130. Packed with Dead Sea salt and backyard rosemary.
  16. lav25

    Smoked shawarma: Here's the plan

    It's Friday night where I am, and I've got a 1.6kg boneless lamb shoulder that I'm planning on putting in on Sunday, wanted to post up my plan and see if anyone sees any holes in it. I found a recipe for shawarma a while ago and the spice mix looks good: 2 tsp black peppercorns 5 cloves ½ tsp...