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  1. Daba's BBQ

    Tonight's Top Eye Round.Smoked on the Weber

    Top Round Eye on the Weber rotisserie for about 25 minutes. Used a few hickory chunks. I used Mad Hunky's brine and rub. Absolutely amazing stuff! The meat came out perfect.
  2. Daba's BBQ

    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there. This is my Father's Day brisket I made on Saturday. It came out absolutely amazing! This is a 16-pounder and the total cook time was about 14 hours. I took it off the smoker at around 2 pm and let it rest until 6:30 pm. This is how it looked...
  3. Daba's BBQ

    My Father's Day Brisket Cook - live updates!

    Good morning all and Happy Father's Day! Just took this pic about 5 minutes ago. It's been smoking (Traeger Pro Series 34) since 10:45 pm EST last night (about 8 hours) at 225 degrees. It has about 4 more hours before I start checking temps. Dry rub - SPG Hickory pellets Peace
  4. Daba's BBQ

    Prepping My Brioster for Father's Day BBQ

    Hey guys. I started prepping my brisket this afternoon for my Father's Day BBQ on Saturday. I picked this up on Wild Fork. It weighed in at 16 1/2 pounds. It took about 20 minutes to trim. I have a nice amount of beef fat that I will render down in a pan during my cook. I'm planning on a very...
  5. voltronic

    Brisket Point on Kettle - second time a charm

    After purchasing my first ever Weber Kettle (Master Touch) a couple months back, one of the first things I did was smoke a brisket flat. It was tasty, but a few things were not great. I had temp inconsistency, didn't start early enough so had to foil wrap so there was no bark, and was not very...
  6. S

    Delicious Double Briskets from 4th of July!

    So, I decided that brisket must be had for the 4th of July, and with about 15 ppl coming over, I needed to ensure leftovers so I opted for two since they were almost identical in weight @ 15# and 14.92# and less than 10% trim loss. I used the most coarse setting on my pepper grinder and did 1...
  7. J

    Offset Noob / Pork Shoulder 1st Try

    Hey all. So I wanted to reach out and ask a few questions to all individuals that cook with an offset. A few weeks ago I purchased a custom built smoker from someone. They were moving and didnt want to take it with them so I bought it. Thick 1/4" steel!. Got it home and cleaned out old ash along...
  8. E

    Black spots on rings of freshly cut hickory wood?

    Hi - we just chopped down 2 hickory trees (the previous homeowners planted them RIGHT next to our house... less than 10 ft away) so we have a ton of wood! They were very healthy, nut-producing trees (believe they were shagbark). We noticed as we were chopping the sections into logs that they...
  9. S

    First Time Ribs on the Smoker

    For Father's Day I had my first attempt at ribs in the smoker. I bought two racks of spareribs and coated them with Dinosaur BBQ rub from the store. I did one rack for 2 hrs smoke then wrapped with some apple juice for two more hours. The other rack was dry for the first 3:45 and sauced and...
  10. KrisUpInSmoke

    Nice to meet you!

    Hello, It's wonderful to be here at SMF. I was researching smokers and all of the awesome things I can smoke when I found this forum. I'm happy to be here and to have found so many people who are as excited about smoking as I am! I've enjoyed reading all of your posts. Sometime ago, I realized I...
  11. beef_chief

    Aspiring Pitmaster from Huntsville, AL

    My name is Andrew Phillips, I'm 20 years old and a senior at Auburn University studying industrial and systems engineering. I'm home for the summer now with an internship and taking on a few commissions with my woodworking business (Phillips-Head Woodworks... find me on Instagram/Etsy). I have...
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