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  1. P

    Cured and smoked bison tongue [finished cooking, updated pics]

    Turns out I live in an area with a bison ranch within in an hour drive. You know what that means.... Oh yeah, couple of bison tongues! I had already punctured the bag on the right, which is why the bag lost its vacuum. I knew had to stop and get a picture of both of them together. Here's one...
  2. chopsaw

    Double smoked Loin ham .

    Posted a thread the other day about double smoking a loin , and made a BBQ ham sandwich from it . Came out really good , so drove to the bottom of the freezer and found another one . Was home alone yesterday , so did this for my supper . Used apple pellets with the tube , in the mailbox of the...
  3. meatallica

    Realtree cured & smoked goose

    Finished curing and will be smoking a couple goose breasts for my nephew. Anyone have any experience with hanging the goose breast breasts in cheese cloth after smoking? Realtree recipe calls for hanging 7-10 days between 40-60°. We'll have those temperatures here in DE for the next 10 days...
  4. Rings Я Us

    TQ Bacon

    A nice 2 inch (mostly) thick, 10.5 lb. belly with skin off, was the subject of my recent cold smoking project. $3.59 per lb. isn't too bad I guess. Got 3 good sized pieces I figured would be nice to hang in the wide body. I used 1 Tbs of brown sugar and Morton's TQ per lb. I used another...
  5. How To Cure And Smoke A Turkey

    How To Cure And Smoke A Turkey

    This is how I do a turkey (or any poultry). Equipment: Food Safe container or bucket. I use a 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot that has the image on it. That means that the plastic won't leach harmful chemicals into your curing brine. Curing Brine: I gallon of potable water (drinkable) ½...
  6. pops6927

    How To Cure And Smoke A Turkey

    pops6927 submitted a new Article: How To Cure And Smoke A Turkey Read more about this article here...
  7. R

    Fermenting summer sausage

    hi so I am new to fermenting sausage and have never tried to do it before. I was reading a recipe a while back for tangy summer sausage and mentioned it needed to ferment. I was just curious as to what is the process to ferment summer sausage. I’m not new to making sausage because I am a head...
  8. chopsaw

    Boneless Butt Ham

    8lb pork butt , cut the bone out and stuffed in the net . Used the " Omak attack " injection . In a 2 gallon bag , and in the fridge for 10 days . Out of the bag on day 9 , rinsed , dried and back in fridge overnight . In MES 30 at 6 am temp set at 130 . started smoke at 8:00 . 12" tube...
  9. McCann519

    First Try at Canadian Bacon & Venison Dried Beef

    Took my first crack at some Canadian Bacon and Venison Dried Beef last weekend. I had some pork loins which I bought over the holidays and got into Pop's Brine for 10 days. 2 whole loins cut into 8 pieces total. I ended up rolling 4 of the pieces into corn meal and making a "peameal" bacon...
  10. SmokinAl


    I have made lox following bbally's instructions several times over the last year or so. I grew up on lox & cream cheese with a slice of onion on a good bagel. This was a weekly event at our house. Over the years I have tried lox many times & I can honestly say I have never had lox as good as...
  11. SmokinAl

    Cured uncooked ham on WSM, UPDATE it's done, sliced & bagged.

    Picked up a nice cured, but uncooked 11+lb. ham at Wally World this AM. Can't smoke my pastrami until tomorrow or Saturday, so I was having smoking withdrawals. So I trimmed the ham, put a rub/glaze on it and put her in the WSM. Got it at 215, plan on taking the ham to 148. Using  hickory, oak...
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