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  1. C

    Featured Need info on brine and/or nitrate brine for saltwater smoked fish

    Hello.. Merry Christmas to all.. looking for brine and/or nitrate brine recipe for smoking fish. Also once brined, smoked and containerized, what is it’s shelf life under refrigeration?
  2. M

    Yellow discoloration on bacon

    Just pulled out a 5lb belly from a 2 week cure. Used this calculator http://www.diggingdogfarm.com/page2.html to do the percentages. I tested a few pieces and it's cured through - however, there's a bunch of translucent yellow spot areas on the flesh. Kind of like the color of gelled chicken...
  3. R

    Question about smoking ham

    so I have a fresh uncurled bone in ham I was thinking about making for Easter. My plan was to use pops brine. I just had a thought about making it boneless and tying it really good. I was just wondering if there’s some tips or tricks about doing it? And if it might be too small at this point to...
  4. Odie Oskarsson

    Hangikjot, icelandic smoked lamb (country lamb)

    So, i am a long time lurker and smoking enthusiast. I decided to become a member and post this not just for my information but it seems this is an underserved section of the smoking world. I am an Icelander living in America (for the past 38 years) and my family brings home traditional smoked...
  5. Erikhawk

    First Pastrami in a WHILE

    So I'll be starting my brine tonight for my first pastrami in probably 10 years. I'm planning on separating the point and flat because I only have about 7-8 days to cure plus I have limited storage space for a packet in my fridge all week (my wife would kill me). I'd love to hear any...
  6. Rings Я Us

    Don't heat pink cure in your brine.

    You look at 100 brine recipes containing curing salt and you will find that 95% of the recipes call for or say that you can heat the mix on the stove and whisk or stir while boiling. I am in the camp of playing it safe and not heating my brine with curing salt in it. You may not have heard...
  7. S

    Beef Jerky - salt or cure

    Hey guys. I've been making Jerky for a few months on my GMG Daniel Boone pellet smoker and it's been turning out great so far. But I want to try giving some away to family members, friends and I don't want to worry about them keeping it in the refrigerator. Currently, I use eye of round roast...
  8. M

    Modernising & scaling down old recipes?

    Hi everyone, complete novice to curing meat here. I'm quite interested in historical recipes and reenactment and lately I've been wanting to try some old, traditional cures. The only issue I have is with quantities, particularly with regard to saltpetre. Most of the recipes come from a time when...
  9. C

    Cure question

    I sliced up my first batch of bacon of the year today and was a little puzzled by it. For starters the middle was awfully red compared to my previous batches, and above it was a little gray (thinking nitrite burn?). Figured I'd ask what everyone's thoughts are about it here. I have always...
  10. L

    Questions on my first Bacon Cure/Smoke

    Making bacon for the first time and would appreciate a quick check in on procedure and on the temperature of the curing environment. I purchased a 4 lb. pork belly and used the recipe from https://barbecuebible.com/recipe/made-scratch-bacon/ Though I did add some (2tbs) maple syrup to the mix...
  11. jackson5

    First pastrami cure

    This is my first post outside of the roll call so hopefully this is in the right place if not maybe someone can nudge me in the right direction. Just started curing my first beef brisket to make some pastrami, brisket is 2.5kg/5.5 lb and I cheated a little by buying ready made cure/rub. It’s now...
  12. equinn

    Smoking a Turkey Breast - Cure or No Cure?

    Hi Guys, I am planning to smoke a couple of whole turkey breasts for Thanksgiving. I have always brined my turkeys with brown sugar/salt/apple juice or cider brine and then just cooked in the oven. They always turn out moist and delicious. Now I want to smoke a turkey and am hearing that...
  13. pops6927

    Fresh Pork Leg To Easter Ham II

    This is the second time I've done a hind leg of pork into a cured and smoked ham for Easter!  (The first:   http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/89979/from-hog-leg-to-easter-ham) After picking up a bottom round beef roast for corned beef and pastrami, I also ordered, well in advance, a fresh ham...
  14. pc farmer

    Easter ham?

    I want to make a Easter ham this year and as usual I wait until the last minute for it. So I got a bone-in port butt. Its 7.38 lb. I will be using pops brine which says 10-14 days for a butt ham. So I have to figure out how to de - bone and tie this thing up, then get her in the brine by...
  15. pops6927

    From Hog Leg to Easter Ham!

    It's time to do a ham for Easter! My dad was famous for his Fassett's Hams; this year I have the means to try and recreate these for my family, what with the smoker and the right equipment. I ordered a hog leg from my meat manager friend David Morgan at Green Oaks Albertson's in Fort Worth...
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