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corned beef

  1. tropics

    Another Corned Beef with Left Overs

    Used Pops brine again Started on 11/1//19 it was suppose to be a Pastrami This was a Top Round Angus Choice I picked up on sale $1.99 # Rinsed an soaked for about an hour, then into the pot Cooked for 3 plus hours till tooth pick tender Sliced Had the usual Cabbage and Potatoes Sorry no pics...
  2. tropics

    Corned Beef

    Used Pops Brine again on 2 small Brisket flat cuts cured for 19 days. Soaked in ice water for 3 hours using the low salt I think I took to much salt out I brown both sides Then make it all happy with 2 cans of PBR a Bay leave & tea ball with picking spice Bring to a boil then lower heat...
  3. disco

    Corned Beef Video

    I wanted to do a start to finish video of making and cooking corned beef for my community TV program. Here it is! Disco
  4. S

    Brine went slimy

    Need your help guys, not sure if I chose the right subforum for it though. The thing is, that I’ve cured a couple of pieces of moose meat in order to do kind of slow roasted pastrami in the oven. It has been staying in the brine in the fridge for 5 days and today just before transferring it to...
  5. WaterRat

    My pastrami from corned beef

    Hey All, Yes, a thousand corned beef and pastrami threads this week, well, here's mine ;) I initially was going turn two corned beef flats into pastrami but then added two points as well, when they're only $1.88/lb (additional $1 off/lb vs. sticker price) I really couldn't go wrong. Flats were...
  6. T


    Hey all, had a couple of store bought corned beef briskets sitting the freezer for a while so I thought I'd try out some cold smoked, sous vide pastrami. I've read several articles on cold smoking the corned beef, but I'm not sure if it's 100% safe. I soaked it for about 8 hours and changed...
  7. bigrybsmoke

    corned beef jerky?

    I have an idea in my head of corning a bottom round or arm roast to make into jerky. I believe corned beef brisket will make for a tough chew. bottom round is what I usually use for jerky making. what I'm wondering is this a viable thing? i don't wanna sink a week into prep and money into...
  8. idahopz

    Smoked corned beef for Reuben sandwiches and meatloaf

    I've been doing corned beef packers (commercial) for St. Patrick's day for a few years, and it has become somewhat of a tradition to my family. The packer was kind of a biggie - nearly 23 pounds. The process was simple - using the Traeger set at 250F, and a tube smoker both using GMG fruitwood...
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