corned beef

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  1. tropics

    Twisted Beef Wellington

    Pulled a piece out of the freezer I guess the label fell off LOL So things changed a bit okay a lot Thawed the puff pastry put a layer of home made Kraut and Gouda Cheese Smeared The Corn Beef with Mustard added more cheese Folded the dough seam side down Baked at 400°F for 40 minutes...
  2. W

    Achieving 3% Brine, equalibrium method, immersed brisket, corned beef

    I want to cure meat, such as a brisket, for corned beef. I want to achieve a NaCl solution using equalibrium brining (meat fully immersed in the brine). I would like to assume the meat is 70% water and include that in the water calculation. But maybe I'll stop doing that. A 10 pound brisket =...
  3. thirdeye

    Flatstrami -vs- Chuckstrami ~ Which Will Come Out On Top?

    Today was a showdown between a Sam's Club "Member's Mark" branded corned beef that I pastramied..., and a 13-day home corned chuck roast that I wet brined and pastramied. Both were in the 4# range. I used the same rub, and cooked at the same time and temp. Both had a pressure finish to an...
  4. thirdeye

    Your Thoughts on Flavor ~ Corned Beef, Pastrami, Montreal Smoked Beef

    I'm not trying to get into a battle of definitions or origins of the above cured meats but I'm curious about the signature flavors you enjoy and why. I can't get beef navel, so let's assume every product uses brisket. Store-bought corned beef is usually saltier and tangier than my home-made...
  5. thirdeye

    Porkstrami ~ Round Two

    In mid-May I posted about a Porkstrami cook where I used the @daveomak injection technique he designed for shoulder and loin 'hams' then used a modified Pop's Brine as a covering brine.... so a combination cure to produce 'corned' pork butt. I took the corned pork butt, seasoned it with my...
  6. thirdeye

    Porkstrami ~ Using A Jazzed-Up Version Of Pop's Brine On Boneless Pork Butt

    In a conversation a couple of months ago about porkstrami I tossed out the idea of using an injectable cure similar to the @daveomak technique of making ham. Dave brought up the idea of using beer in the brine :emoji_thumbsup:. For this test run I combined Dave's ham injection technique with...
  7. GrumpyGriller

    Newbie Corned Beef Questions

    OK, so I've spent the better part of the morning looking at curing brisket for corned beef, smoking times etc. Now that my head has stopped spinning from all of what I've read, here are my questions :) It looks like Pop's brine is a great start, but I would then also add the "pickling spices"...
  8. tropics

    Another Corned Beef with Left Overs

    Used Pops brine again Started on 11/1//19 it was suppose to be a Pastrami This was a Top Round Angus Choice I picked up on sale $1.99 # Rinsed an soaked for about an hour, then into the pot Cooked for 3 plus hours till tooth pick tender Sliced Had the usual Cabbage and Potatoes Sorry no pics...
  9. tropics

    Corned Beef

    Used Pops Brine again on 2 small Brisket flat cuts cured for 19 days. Soaked in ice water for 3 hours using the low salt I think I took to much salt out I brown both sides Then make it all happy with 2 cans of PBR a Bay leave & tea ball with picking spice Bring to a boil then lower heat...
  10. disco

    Corned Beef Video

    I wanted to do a start to finish video of making and cooking corned beef for my community TV program. Here it is! Disco
  11. S

    Brine went slimy

    Need your help guys, not sure if I chose the right subforum for it though. The thing is, that I’ve cured a couple of pieces of moose meat in order to do kind of slow roasted pastrami in the oven. It has been staying in the brine in the fridge for 5 days and today just before transferring it to...
  12. WaterRat

    My pastrami from corned beef

    Hey All, Yes, a thousand corned beef and pastrami threads this week, well, here's mine ;) I initially was going turn two corned beef flats into pastrami but then added two points as well, when they're only $1.88/lb (additional $1 off/lb vs. sticker price) I really couldn't go wrong. Flats were...
  13. T


    Hey all, had a couple of store bought corned beef briskets sitting the freezer for a while so I thought I'd try out some cold smoked, sous vide pastrami. I've read several articles on cold smoking the corned beef, but I'm not sure if it's 100% safe. I soaked it for about 8 hours and changed...
  14. bigrybsmoke

    corned beef jerky?

    I have an idea in my head of corning a bottom round or arm roast to make into jerky. I believe corned beef brisket will make for a tough chew. bottom round is what I usually use for jerky making. what I'm wondering is this a viable thing? i don't wanna sink a week into prep and money into...
  15. idahopz

    Smoked corned beef for Reuben sandwiches and meatloaf

    I've been doing corned beef packers (commercial) for St. Patrick's day for a few years, and it has become somewhat of a tradition to my family. The packer was kind of a biggie - nearly 23 pounds. The process was simple - using the Traeger set at 250F, and a tube smoker both using GMG fruitwood...