cold smoking

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  1. SmokinAl

    A question for REC TEC owners

    Has anyone used a RT 1250 for cold smoking bacon? I was thinking that if you just put the tube in the belly of the smoker it would be perfect. However, I’m wondering if there would be enough air circulation to draw the smoke out the stack. Interested in hearing from someone who has attempted...
  2. shea1973

    How do I get the temp down for cold smoking on a Zgill 1000

    I bought a ZGrill 1000 last year, which I have been smoking a lot of food on it! I have recently started Cold Smoking, so I am a big Newbie :emoji_laughing: I started to cold smoke some Pork Steaks today, which the temp outside is about 75 degrees. I know the best time to cold smoke is...
  3. thirdeye

    Fall Fell Early ~ Cold Smoking Season Is Here

    Well if a picture is worth a thousand words.... what would my smokers have to say?? BTW, there are two Big Green Eggs, one SNS Grill, and a drum in this picture from this morning.
  4. chef jimmyj

    Cure #1 and Cold/Cool Smoking

    A Crash Course on why we use Cure #1 to Cold and Cool Smoke Meat... In general, any meat you wish to smoke below 225 to 180°F requires the addition of Cure #1 to your mix of 1 to 3% Salt and any other spices or sweeteners you like. This low temp smoking is typically divided, for simple, easy to...
  5. thirdeye

    Cold Smoking Set-Up In My Drum Smoker

    As much as I enjoy cold smoking meats, cheese and butter It's really important to match your smoker with a smoke generator, and pick the right of wood for the job. My drum smoker is my go-to for ham, bacon, Buckboard, sausages etc. It has plenty of room for hanging, a lot of volume and most...
  6. I

    MiniMax Smokehouse

    Here it is, my modest urban smokehouse that uses a MiniMax Green Egg as a fire pit. I had a heck of a time making it work how I wanted it to, went through 3 redesigns but now it finally works like a charm. Why green egg? I wanted something portable, reliable/predictable and requiring little...
  7. smokenharley

    1st Pork Belly Bacon

    Well my smoking brethren, I tried pork belly bacon for the first time. And it was a success. I must say that of all things I have smoked, outside of cheese, this has got to be one of the easiest I have done. If you are considering giving it a try I would highly suggest that you do and you will...
  8. phathead69

    Cold smoke then sous vide

    Got me a sous vide for Christmas. Been reading like crazy. Smoke sous vide or sous vide then smoke on larger meats seems to be a split. Steak seems pretty much unanimous sous vide then grill. Give your thoughts on two things I may try. Its cold out side so. 1. STEAK-Put the amnts tray with...
  9. daveomak

    Mystery of Cold Smoking by Marianski, Stanley; Marianski, Adam.

    Marianski, Stanley; Marianski, Adam. The Art of Making Fermented Sausages (Kindle Locations 2216-2222). Bookmagic LLC. Kindle Edition. Mystery of Cold Smoking The majority of hobbyists think of cold smoking as some mysterious preservation technique that will produce a unique and superb quality...
  10. M

    Triage my first dry cured + cold smoked salmon attempt

    Hey folks! I've been lurking all over this forum for a while and since finally having space, excited to get smoking for the first time. But, I've run into some problems. Here's what's happened – perhaps you can triage? I bought a frozen salmon fillet, just from the supermarket (it's a bit thin...
  11. bgaviator

    Latest batch of Lox

    Got one last nice cold weekend, so I took the opportunity to turn the last 3 salmon fillets I got from a coworker into lox. Used the exact same method as last time, with the addition of adding dill to the wet brine and sprinkling it with dill before the vacuum seal. I wasn't sure why one of my...
  12. R

    Cold Smoking in a commercial oven

    Hi Gang, I'm trying to work out a new system for cold smoking salmon. I've been having good success with my current system, but I want to be able to easily increase my volume. I have a MES 30" which I use as a smoker box. I use the "mailbox mod", where I put the Amaz-n-pellet inside a...
  13. I

    Cold smoke in cold Virginia

    Last year I used this setup with really good success. This year I've got an assortment of cheeses as well as some shelled pistachio nuts from Costco. I use the AMNPS in my mailbox connected to a dryer hose finally to a raised Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM). My hack works really well. Dec. 2017...
  14. B

    Question on MailBox mod

    Hi, New to the forum but have lurked for a while. Great site. I was planning on doing the mailbox mod to my smoker but when I went to look at mailboxes I noticed that all the metal ones said "Galvanized Steel". I've always heard that galvanized metal and cooking/heat do NOT go together. Are...