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  1. D

    What tool should I use to scrape my porcelain coated grill grates?

    Hi there, I'm looking for a tool to clean my porcelain coated Pit Boss grill grates - I have done a bit of searching and I'm really not thrilled with the choices, so I figured I'd see what you guys use. Here are some notes regarding a few of the possible solutions that I've considered already...
  2. rob gebby

    Advice for drip pan....please

    i just bought a new stack smoker and it, strangely, doesnt have a drip pan. The outside dimensions of the legs are 18x21. Initially, I was thinking of getting a pan the whole thing would sit inside but that is hard to find what i want in those dimensions and I thought that it will get the legs...
  3. C

    Help a rookie!

    Good morning y'all! I just bought my first house and a masterbuilt 30" electric smoker to match- I bought it from a gentleman who used oven cleaner to clean it and now has left a residue. What is the best way to clean out the chemical residue to make sure it is good to season then smoke some...
  4. old smokey nj

    Disgusting Moldy Smoker - HELP!!!!

    Hello All, I made the mistake of lending my MES to a buddy about 6 months ago. He used it a time or 2, and returned it about a week ago. I just went to fire it up for a smoked venison roast, and, much to my dismay, my buddy never cleaned it. EVERYTHING is covered in mold - walls, shelves, door...
  5. SonnyE

    Just want to say Thanks Again....

    Somewhere there was a post where a guy had these squeaky clean racks in his smoker. They looked brand new in a well educated MES, and I asked if they were new, or how'd he get them so shiny clean? Well Saturday I was going to run my mats in the dishwasher to clean them. Since I was several...
  6. N

    Cast Iron Dutch Oven secreting sticky substance

    recently purchased a cast iron pan / Dutch Oven brought it home knocked off the rust and let it sit prior to seasoning. When i returned there was a sticky substance that had began to emerge from the surface you cook on. Almost like old cooking oil that has become somewhat cold and thick. I left...
  7. hillbilly69

    Any hope for my MES40 or should it be trashed?

    Sometimes there are just no words. I am almost embarrassed to post these pictures of my neglected MES40 but I was hoping for input on how my smoker can be saved, if possible, or whether it should be thrown in the trash heap. Yesterday I spent several hours scrubbing away residue from inside of...
  8. smittybbq

    Cleaning the glass

    I have a Charbroil smoker and was wondering if anyone has tried cleaning the glass with a magic eraser and how it worked out? Or what are some better ideas if anyone has any?
  9. smittybbq

    Cleaning the glass on my Charbroil electric smoker

    I plan on trying to clean the glass on my smoker with a magic eraser. I see a lot of people have done it with some success I am assuming. Just wondering if anyone of y'all have tried it and how did it work?'
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