Cast Iron Dutch Oven secreting sticky substance

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Feb 18, 2018
recently purchased a cast iron pan / Dutch Oven brought it home knocked off the rust and let it sit prior to seasoning. When i returned there was a sticky substance that had began to emerge from the surface you cook on. Almost like old cooking oil that has become somewhat cold and thick. I left it alone, stumped on how to clean, and even more has come to the surface.
My question are...
Could i use a soft grinder and heat it to let the “goop” come out?
Is this stuff stuck in the pores?
Does anyone know of a similar situation that resulted in being able to cook with it in the end?
WHat do i do to fix this?

THank you .


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Nov 12, 2010
Determine if that "stuff" is something you would eat... buying used cast iron, I wouldn't do it...
That being said, using feel, smell, wiping with a kleenex, try and determine what it is...
If you think it's OK, put in your propane grill on HIGH for several hours to "coke" what ever it is... You should try and get the cast iron to at least 650 for a few hours.. Cleaning cycle on a home oven would work but, not knowing what the stuff is, don't clean it inside your home...
Once all that is done, season it using flax seed oil...


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I never cook with used cast iron, except for a few family pieces with known history. You never know when someone in the past melted lead wheel weights in a piece to cast bullets. Even some old family pieces aren't used became I can't be sure Grandpa didn't use it to cast miniballs for his fellow Confederates.

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