Smoking multiple chunks of cushion meat

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Jul 16, 2020
Birmingham, Alabama
I bought a pack of cushion meat from my local restaurant supply store. (It's the cut called the "picnic ham" [which isn't a cured ham] which is boneless and skinless. I use them for making pulled pork BBQ as well as sausages.

The question is, how long should I budget for smoking time? Is it "1 hour per pound based on the heaviest chunk", or "1 hour per pound based on the total weight of all the meat I place on the smoking grate", or "something else"?
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I use pork cushion for sausage only but I can see that it would work well for pulled pork.
The individual pieces have smaller individual mass than if they were in one connected group. This will make the pieces cook faster as more surface area will be exposed to the heat in addition to the smaller mass which will heat up faster than a larger mass.

I would place the larger pieces on the hot side of your smoker and the smaller pieces on the cooler side.

Check them with the temp probe and pull them around 200 F. If some get done faster, wrap and rest them and add the other pieces as they get done. A whole shoulder can take 10 - 12 hours to cook low and slow. These pieces may be ready in 3 -4 hours.

With that much surface area, you should get a whole lot of tasty bark and lots of smoke flavor.

Collect the drippings as you may get a few dry chunks.

Post some pics of your cook....

JC :emoji_cat:
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Sounds like you have a good plan and JC has ya covered. But I do believe any small pieces that finish early...are chef snacks!

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