Howdy From Tennessee!

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Jul 22, 2020
Hey all!
35/f from middle Tennessee, here! Finally upgraded from a cheap $15 charcoal grill to a pellet smoker! I didn't do so hot on the brisket, it was wayyyyyy too tough. Had much better luck with beer-butt chicken, baby backs, and burgers, and tonight I'm trying out pork shoulder, cooked it to the recommended 201F and well it's...pork...not so much 'pulled.' Not the stringy deliciousness I'm used to seeing at BBQ places, anyway.

Either way, that's neither here nor there, I have tons of time to practice and get better. Anyway, super excited to have found this forum! Hope to learn lots and see lots of photos of foods to drool over.


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Welcome from Gilbert, AZ! You have to cook those meats until they're probe tender, I'm sure Jake will get you all straightened out. RAY
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Looks chopped, under cooked, if you married my x wife thanks lmao
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