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  1. disco

    Rib Tips

    I love rib tips and make them as an appetizer often. I had guests coming over, I had rib trimmings and I had my favourite barbecue sauce, Koss Sauce. Everything was coming together. One of the reasons I like making rib tips for company is I can do most of the work before the day company is...
  2. gmc2003


    With the holiday fast approaching I thought I would bring another old standby appetizer to light. The moink, Let me start by saying moinks have been around for years(nothing new here), however they have evolved throughout that period. In their infancy they were made by wrapping a pre-made frozen...
  3. gmc2003

    Pork Shots

    Since summer is almost upon us - the outdoor parties can't be to far behind. This is an appetizer that is always a huge hit at our parties. The pork shot is a little bundle of goodness that is very simple to make and smokes up quickly. This thread will hopefully get you through the basics of...
  4. disco

    Huevo de Armadillo

    First, I didn't know which forum to post this in. They are appetizers that have stuffed jalapenos like ABTs but aren't an ABT. The main ingredient is Chorizo which is pork and a sausage. Sigh. I chose this forum and if I am wrong, please feel free to move it as appropriate and chastise me as...
  5. disco

    Mexican Drumstick Lollipops

    One of my problems with smoking meat is that meat is expensive. I am cheap, what can I say? Chicken drumsticks are still almost affordable but what classy way can you make drumsticks? Turn them into lollipops. They look great and are way easier to eat with the ligaments cut off the lower part of...
  6. schlotz

    Smoked Pig Shots

    Noticed that Foamheart couldn't find a recipe and came up with what sounded like a good one on his own. Here is the basic one we use, but always experiment with ingredients mixed in the cream cheese. Last one was finely diced jalapeno. - matt Ingredients: skinless smoked sausage bacon cream...
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