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  1. scrumtiousruckingBBQ

    Getting better bark in mailbox modded MES30

    Any tips for getting better bark in an MES30 with mailbox mod and AMNPS? I've done 4 rib cooks and 1 pork butt, and i'm having trouble getting consistent bark without skipping a wrap stage. For instance, the ribs I made yesterday were on the smoke for 6 hours straight, no wrap. The bark was...
  2. scrumtiousruckingBBQ

    More NO in mailbox modded MES30 w/AMNPS

    Goodmorning everyone, I've dug around the site for a bit now and have found a lot of discussion around the topic but nothing directly answers my question: how do you effectively increase NO production in a mailbox modded electric smoker with AMNPS? I am being a stubborn idealist and refuse to...
  3. C

    MES30 & AMNPS

    So I’m sure this has been covered before and so Ill apologize in advance cuz I just don’t have the time to search and search and I want to do a smoke tomorrow so I’m looking for real quick feedback. I got an AMNPS not realizing I didn’t have the bars in my MES30 until after I made the purchase...
  4. T

    Drilling holes in MES 35B? (Bear?)

    First off, I'm a newbie, so bear with me. I have an new MES 35B (analog)... cheaper model. I just bought the 5x8 AMNPS and my plan is to remove the water tray and put the AMNPS in its place which is slightly higher and adjacent to the heating element. I'll put a disposable drip pan above it...
  5. tropics

    First Smoke for 2020

    Market had a sale on 10 oz blocks of cheese I picked up 8 blocks Rainy day so I needed the cheese smoked PB #4 with AMNPS Alder Cob mix Held 59°F Lots of smoke in the garage Truck staying outside tonight 3 hours of smoke I had only filled 1 row on the tray didn't burn all of it Brought...
  6. Bearcarver

    Boston Butt (Pulled Pork @ 265° Smoker Temp)

    Boston Butt (Pulled Pork @ 265° Smoker Temp) There are many ways to Smoke Pulled Pork, But I don’t like to do overnight Smokes, so since this Butt was 9.2 pounds, I figured I’d try to get it done for Supper (about 4 to 5PM). Knowing I could easily “hold” it if it finishes to early, I got up at...
  7. zammy758

    First time using the 5x8 AMNPS

    What a pleasure it was to use my new AMPS for the first time, no more feeding the chips every 30 - 45 minutes. It was a really tight fit on the bottom of my 30" MES so I placed it on the lowest rack, left side above the water pan. I only needed 3 hours of smoke so I tried to guesstimate how...
  8. Bearcarver

    Chicken Leg Quarters (Hickory Smoked)

    Chicken Leg Quarters (Hickory Smoked) I don’t usually do these, but Mrs Bear got ‘em on a good sale. I still prefer individual Thighs & Drums with the Emphasis on Thighs, but these were pretty good joined at the knee. I took these all to at least 165° IT, and Mrs Bear added some Spanish Rice to...
  9. chef jimmyj

    The history of the AMNPS and why you need one.

    Todd Johnson owner of A-MAZE-N is a long time member. Several years ago he had a gen 1 MES. Todd observed 2 problems with the design. You have to reload chips every 30-40 minutes, a PITA, over a 16-20 hour cook, and the unit made no smoke at temps lower than 180°F. No way to cold smoke meat or...
  10. agoude

    MES 30 Terrible Smoke Flavor

    So I moved on from my WSM and just bought a MES 30, 135S to be exact, based on my research here it may be a hybrid unit? Regardless, I've done 2 smokes both came out looking great and juicy but had a not so great smoke profile. I used apple wood, dry chips, the first time on Salmon and it came...
  11. Jcurcio

    MES 40 w/AMNPS Long Smoke

    Hey everyone, Looking forward to using a new setup and have a question. What are your thoughts on refilling the AMNPS when it goes beyond 12 hours. Here's the scenario... Doing a pork butt and planning on starting at 10pm tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to add pork belly, but that won't be until...
  12. L

    A-Maze-N smoker in MES30 at 4300 ft?

    Hi, have any of you tried the A-Maze-N pellet smoker or tube smoker at 4300 feet elevation or higher? I have a 30 in. Masterbuilt electric smoker, and I want to find a solution that will let me set it and forget for many hours (especially overnight). I've heard great things about the AMNPS...
  13. McCann519

    First Time Cheese - Smoked, Rested, Still Not Good...Advice?

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or has any advice. I tried smoking cheese for the first time over the holidays between Christmas and New Years. I used my MES with the mailbox MOD and AMNPS with cookinpellets perfect blend pellets. I smoked half the batch for 3...
  14. Rings Я Us

    Entering the pellet world.

    This is just a thread for my records to show on which date I became cold smoke and pellet friendly.. with the purchase of an AMNPS and torch.
  15. McCann519

    Baby Backs and Picnic Shoulder on MES 30 with Q View

    Divisional Round Weekend in the NFL meant smoking some pork for dinner on Sunday. I ended up going with 2 racks of baby backs and a small picnic pork shoulder. Picked things up Saturday morning, rinsed, trimmed then applied mustard and rubs. For the ribs, I used a Clubhouse Chipotle Mango 1:1...
  16. M

    MES 30 issues

    Hi all, just joined the forum today and look forward to all of the advice everyone has to offer. I am currently using an mes 30 with an amnps. While smoking a butt today, the smoker threw out an error and threw out an error and shut down. It appeared as though condensation had built up on top of...
  17. thebig1

    AMNPS & Pellets vs. Creosote

    I've been reading about people talking about using their MES and a pellet tool to generate smoke. A lot are speaking of the continued need to produce TBS as opposed to the white smoke due to creosote. Most MES owners I talk to who use the AMNPS say that there is no need to pull the chip tray...
  18. B

    Where to Place 5x8 AMNPS in new design 30" MES

    I recently bought the AMNPS maze and then realized it doesn't fit next to the heating element in the newly designed 30" MES. I've seen suggestions to use S hooks to hang it under the first rack or use a soda can to balance it on the bottom. Anyone have any other suggestions? (other than the...