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  1. un4gvn1

    Finally got to use my homebuilt ABT racks

    Finally tried out the racks I built a while ago. As I feared, the holes are too small for large jalapenos, especially when wrapped w/ bacon. Hard to tell from the pics, but the peppers are barely in the holes and are prone to tipping. The filling was simple as this was a first run, proof...
  2. nkpal624

    Scotch Eggs & Armadillo Eggs

    Today I am trying a couple of appetizers/small plates out on my new MES 130b. This is the first time I have attempted either of these and it's the first time on the new smoker so we will hope all goes well. The scotch eggs are simply hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sweet italian sausage. Next...
  3. un4gvn1

    First attempt at an ABT rack

    Just got finished with this, pretty pleased with how well it came out, so gonna make at least one more. With a max capacity of 20, we all know it's not gonna make enough of 'em! :D The large holes are 1 1/16" (the largest the ironworker at work can punch) the small holes are 7/16" for smoke...
  4. BoilerBBQ

    First ABTs

    I learned about ABTs in here a few weeks ago and have been dying to try some ever since. I finally made some to put on the WSM while I was finishing up a pork butt. I kept it pretty simple. Cream cheese and sharp cheddar with a little pork seasoning in the cream cheese. They came out great. I...
  5. captainbuttfloss

    Trying Pulled Pork ABT's today

    Well the weather was beautiful down here in FL this weekend so yesterday I smoked a pork butt to eat on this week. I had already planned on smoking some ABT's and chicken wings during the race today, and then the idea hit to put some of the pulled pork from yesterday inside the turds (I usually...
  6. sfclene

    Non-Wrapped ABT's with Qview

    Hello everyone, Last weekend I was at the store and saw a pack of Hungarian Peppers that I couldn't pass up. Got home with them and decided they needed to be stuffed with sausage and cheese and smoked up in my new toy.... a Traeger Pro 22. Made these two ways. 1. Pepper...
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