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    Bought a Weber propane grill...

    The grill is in excellent condition. I was messing around of Facebook marketplace, and found a smoking deal on a 1 year old Pit Boss 700 classic with a cover for $170. I went and got it last weekend, and i've already used it like 5 times. My chicken is awesome, my sausage is perfect, and i don't...
  2. levithan9

    Bought a Weber propane grill...

    And i hate it. Backstory: in a attempt to clean out my garage, and to dwindle down my possessions, at the beginning of the year, i sold a bunch of my stuff on Craigslist and other apps. Like a damn fool, i sold my Pit Boss 820 Deluxe pellet smoker. Then about a month later, COVID hit, and...
  3. levithan9

    50% Coupon for Inkbird Waterproof Instant Read Thermometer-$12.50

    I also would like the code... My instant read broke after only 2 months...
  4. levithan9

    MES Jerky....first time

    I'd smoke for the first 2 hours. After that, it'd be ALOT of smoke for the meat to take on, and you run the risk of over-smoking it to the point that you've just make edible smoke pucks.
  5. levithan9

    MES Jerky....first time

    start off at 110 degrees. fire up the AMPS, and get the pellets going. wait about 2 hours, because the moisture from the meat is going to be crazy present. Hour 3: Ramp up temp to 130. Hour 4: Ramp up to 145 Hour 5: Ramp up to 165 20 minutes into Hour 5, start checking the meat to see where its...
  6. levithan9

    Force drying White Oak for BBQing

    Hey guys, Hope everyone is staying safe during these crazy times. So, with most of my city shut down (Houston, Tx), and me being an Essential Worker (Automotive Repair) and no one having $$$ to fix their cars, I have some time on my hands. My mom and a co-worker just got their stimulus...
  7. levithan9

    Free smoker...... Or how free is never free

    Hey everyone ; A few weeks ago, my neighbor across the street approached me when I get home from work, and asked me if I wanted his bbq grill. Now, i'm known as that guy who smokes everything. I have a Masterbuilt 40" Electric, a Pitboss 820, and a Pitmaker Safe smoker. When I fire any of them...
  8. levithan9

    Any experience with DigiQ or CyberQ temp controllers

    I really wanted the CyberQ, but i've read reviews where the user interface isn't as good as it should be, and if you don't have your WI-FI set up properly (who does), it can be a real headache. The only difference between the DX3 is the color. One is black, the other is green.
  9. levithan9

    Any experience with DigiQ or CyberQ temp controllers

    I saw the ads in my email, and checked them out yesterday. I have been wanting one for a while to use with my Pitmaker Safe smoker, but couldn't justify the cost. I ended up getting the DX3, and it came with a foam case, 2 free bottles of bbq sauce, and I added the magnetic holder. I'm smoking 6...
  10. levithan9

    Just got a new smoker.. need advise

    I have the tray. It has 3 channels for the pellets to burn in. I also tried it when i had my 30" model, and it always snuffed out the coals for the pellets. I went so far as to buy the Masterbuilt cold smoker attachment, but that was a joke. I had to buy 2 dryer vent attachments, and a flexible...
  11. levithan9

    Just got a new smoker.. need advise

    This is the one i have. It's from Sams. I bought it a few years ago on clearance for $149. I does have the Bluetooth, and iv'e used it MAYBE 4-5 times. The app is straight up trash. It's like their budget for the app was $2,000, and it definitely shows. Drops connection randomly, and that's...
  12. levithan9

    What makes a good BBQ video?

    I think a lot has to to with getting prepared ahead of time. Know what your going to do, plan ahead, and most important, start writing a rough draft of a script. No-one wants to see a video full of umms...ahhhs...errrr....you get the idea. I'd be kinda hard to do with BBQ, because as we all...
  13. levithan9

    Cyberq Cloud and Pitmaker Safe....is it worth the upgrade?

    I'm absolutely a DIY person. I've been an auto tech for over 20 years. So if i can get plans on how to build one vs spending $350+ bucks, i'm all ears !! And i also started doing the burn barrel method, but doing it in a neighborhood, i feel that sometimes i might piss off some of the neighbors...
  14. levithan9

    Cyberq Cloud and Pitmaker Safe....is it worth the upgrade?

    I've got a Pitmaker safe that I really like. Spend that last 8 months really getting to know this thing. I've had some problems with way too much moisture in the cooking chamber, so i've cut back on the amount of water in the lower pan. I've tried to smoke at 250, but this smoker just doesn't...
  15. levithan9

    4 Butts in MES 30

    Godspeed, John Glenn....
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