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Bought a Weber propane grill...


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And i hate it.

Backstory: in a attempt to clean out my garage, and to dwindle down my possessions, at the beginning of the year, i sold a bunch of my stuff on Craigslist and other apps. Like a damn fool, i sold my Pit Boss 820 Deluxe pellet smoker. Then about a month later, COVID hit, and f**ked everything up.

The only other smoker I have is a Pitmaker Safe, and i'm not going to fire that up for a few pieces of chicken or whatnot.

Browsing the ads one day, i ran a across a Weber Spirit e-310 that this guy had for sale. $70. I called, we agreed for me to pick it up the next day, and BAM. I had a new-to-me grill.
I had to really clean the s**t outta it, as it was dirty and greasy as hell. But, it was now clean.

Bought some chicken thighs, and tried grilling those. I used a temp probe to try and get the temp at the grate right around 350. No way were you going to control the temp on this thing. It would constantly overshoot to like 400-500 degrees. it's only 3 burners, but if you turn one off, the temp just drops.It's great for cooking steaks, but burgers with ANY fat content in them ends up in a grease fire. It burned my corn on the cob with the husks on. It's ruined more chicken then i care to remember, I dare not make my own burgers anymore. Sausage is done faster than i can drink a 12oz beer. It's just all around a bastard child who's a pain in the ass.

I cannot see how people will pay Lowes or Home Depot $550 for this disaster. It has an enamel coated lid in black, with stainless steel around it. But to me, it looks like a waste of money.

So, last weekend, I took it all apart, cleaned, scrubbed, and even got my FLEX polisher out and detailed the hell outta this thing. The Black lid is now showroom shiny, the stainless steel gleams in the sunlight, the grates were sandblasted clean and re-seasoned. and this weekend, she's going up for sale.

What a God Damn fool i was for selling my pellet grill....


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Well I have to disagree, I have had Weber genesis grills for 20-30 years, and they have been great. However the last one I bought rusted out under the legs, so I put it on a couple of 2x4’s & it’s still cranking. I think the quality of the Weber grills gas grills has gone down hill, but thankfully the WSM is still king of the mid priced smokers. I sure hope they don’t screw that up! I guess the only good thing is everybody carries Weber replacement parts, so you can keep an old unit going on forever.


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I have a 310 Spirit 2 and have no issues whatsoever. I've done everything from slow cooks for like a pork loin or fatty, to quick burgers/dogs veggies and a whole host of others things. The only issue I have, which is my fault for not cleaning it properly is that I need to replace the burners because I'm a dumbass.

Outside of that it has been a perfectly acceptable gas grill.


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I have the bigger version and love it. Ran great the 8 yrs or so I've had it. Good luck finding something that makes you happy.


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What shape is the burner in?
The grill is in excellent condition.
I was messing around of Facebook marketplace, and found a smoking deal on a 1 year old Pit Boss 700 classic with a cover for $170. I went and got it last weekend, and i've already used it like 5 times. My chicken is awesome, my sausage is perfect, and i don't have to worry about grease flare-ups.


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I find with my natural gas BBQ as the burner deteriorates the flare ups and temperature control goes out the window. The little holes that allow the gas to escape rust out and the small holes turn into one big hole and you end up with a yellow flame instead of a blue flame. That’s why I asked about the burner, if your acts like mine perhaps a burner change would fix your flare ups and wonky temperature swings.

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