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    Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans???

    What is the recipe?
  2. camp_cookie

    Biggest cook to date!

    Boston Butt, 2 chuckies, and a boat load of country style.
  3. camp_cookie

    Crowning A Pork Butt/ Shoulder = faster cook times...

    I recently crowned a butt, and I liked the results. I did have some rub down in the cuts that just absorbed juice and turned into a paste instead of adhering and crusting, but I may have packed it in there too much.
  4. camp_cookie

    Newbie to Dutch Ovens

    I've found that even the factory seasoned cast iron pieces need a little bit more. I rinse them good and then heat them to 500 for an hour and then let them cool. It carbonizes them more. An easy cook would be to pour in some olive oil and heat with while you chop some taters, add the taters...
  5. camp_cookie

    Jamaica Sunset

    Nice pic. I've seen the view in person as well, and it is quite impressive.
  6. camp_cookie

    Building an Adjustable Campfire Grill

    http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/te...questid=120530 http://www.campfirestands.com/
  7. camp_cookie

    He's Back

  8. camp_cookie

    lamb steaks

    Sorry. I didn't see this until just now. There is a locally owned butcher shop near me. The lamb isn't a normal stock item. He ordered it for me at my request. I don't know if that is the regular price as it would be for a stock item or if he gave me a cut rate for it being an order.
  9. camp_cookie

    bad conditions cook

    The cake (made by Mommy) : and the birthday girl:
  10. camp_cookie

    bad conditions cook

    I added a butter/honey/apple juice glaze to the country style. I didn't get pics of the chucks.
  11. camp_cookie

    2-2-1 Baby Back Brine PICS!

    Looks great!!
  12. camp_cookie

    bad conditions cook

    The BGE eased its way up to nearly 300; so, I have it backed down to 250 now and will be watching it close. Details: The chucks are seasoned with Dizzy Pig Cow Lick. I seared them on my Smokey Joe Silver before putting them in the Egg. The butt is seasoned with Pig Pounda Kappa rub, and I...
  13. camp_cookie

    bad conditions cook

    Today is my daughter's 4th birthday. We rented the building at the local park for her party thinking that the playground and such would be fun for the children. My wife wanted me to cook barbecue and threatened to cook spaghetti if I didn't do so. Yesterday, I picked up two chucks, a boneless...
  14. camp_cookie

    Country Ribs

    What was your internal temp at finish?
  15. camp_cookie

    restoring some heirlooms

    A member on one of the cast iron forums identified the small skillet and the square skillet as being made by Birmingham Stove and Range. That makes sense as my maternal grandmother and family lived in Pell City (near Birmingham) prior to moving to Georgia.
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