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Lower Your Salt Intake

By pops6927, Sep 26, 2010 | |
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    How many times have you heard this from articles, advice columns, your doctor or for doctor's advice for relatives or friends?  Pretty common, right?  Well, how many of us actually take this advice?

    I didn't after my first stroke, not to the extent that I should have.  Come the second stroke my wife tossed out all the salt shakers in the house.  For the last month I've been void of added salt.

    Last week I thought I was having another attack of something; I'd started eating dinner and was suddenly overcome with the biggest urge to retch.  My skin got all clammy, I broke out into a sweat, I could not swallow for the life of me with a full mouth of food.  What it was, was a mouthful of Uncle Ben's Wild rice.  The salt content was so overpowering I thought I would vomit.  I checked the package; almost 700 grams of sodium.  Other rice dishes were the same or more!

    I realized that I'd broken a new threshold - I'd reduced my salt intake to a much lower level, causing me to now become salt intolerant!  Just like a cigarette smoker who elevates himself to becoming a non-smoker and can now smell how awful the cigarette smoke really is, I can now discern what a high salt level is.  I had some of my own buckboard bacon just now and was shocked how high the salt level was!  I know, just like the lo-salt turkey I made for my son's birthday, I will be modifying my formulas, probably to ¼ of the salt level from previous mixtures!  

    But, it is only relevant if you take away the salt shaker first and become accustomed to a much lower sodium level; then your intolerance to excessive salt will emerge. And, you'll find you won't be eating as much prepared foods too, as you won't be able to handle the excessive salt.  So you accomplish two things - lo-salt and more fresh vegetables/foods vs. prepared, healthier diet and losing weight too!

    We can enjoy our hobby and do the healthy thing too.  I'm going to re-do several recipes and processes to work to that end once I get back to work so I can afford to do so - my health won't let me not to!

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  1. postie
    Thanks for the no salt rub, I will be trying it this week on some wings and maybe some baby backs. Postie
  2. eman
    Wife and i have been on a no / very low salt diet for years. That is the reason i came up w/ my no salt rub. Working on a no salt sauce recipe now.
    Once you do go no / low salt ,it is VERY hard to eat out .Most places use a lot of salt and it is very hard to taste the food for the salt.
  3. mrsmoky
    Thanks for the post and yes it is very true. I live a low salt lifestyle and my perception of sodium levels have been altered as well as my taste in food concerning salt levels.
  4. jaybaks
    I noticed that so many recipes call for what to me is a surprisingly large amount of salt. In my rubs, the salt is still there, but it doesn't take command and many of the other tastes get a chance to come out. I used to love it, but since my Doc had a little talk with me and I found out that I'm no longer bullet proof, I dropped the salt. I rarely add it to anything I cook and let the eater's put it on if they want. I'm very interested in seeing this expand.
  5. bdawg
    I had a kidney issue about a year ago. Bottom line is that I'm on a restricted salt diet, too.
    I have hit the "salt intolerance" level just as you described. Now, some foods that used to taste good actually taste minerally.
    The biggest problem is when you try to find things in the grocery store. Anything and everything has 500+ mg of salt per serving, each of which is 25% of the daily allowance. They all add up to 3-5 times what you really should be eating.
    Now that I got my new smoker for Christmas, my big question is what to do about brining.
    I brined my first chickens overnight, then soaked them in plain water to help lower the salt. It is my first smoked batch ever, but
    I have to start somewhere. If you or anyone else has info on how to tackle this issue, I'm all ears.