I have made thousands of pounds of many varieties of sausages throughout the years, both professionally as a neat cutter and as a hobbyist. To make the best sausages, you need to use the best ingredients, especially hog and sheep natural casings!

I only use Syracuse Casing Company brand casings - bar none, they are THE BEST! Go to their website, www.makincasing.com and read why!

They have less blowouts per 100' feet of casings than any other because of their high quality!

I got introduced to them while I was a meat manager at the Lyons Falls Great American . At the time, Joe Cannestra, VP of Meat Operations, brought them into their warehouse and sent them out for stores to use vs. a standard "hank" of salted casings (100 ft. of varying lengths of hog casings). These were "pre-tubed " - already loaded onto a plastic sleeve and separated by a red strip to slide onto the grinder stuffing horn (or stuffer stuffing tube):

They were immensely faster to use! 1)
Most store grinders were kept in the cooler for sanitary and coldness reasons, and 2) By being in there, it took a cutter off the cutting floor while making sausages! And, in one-man shops, that took the cutter off the cutting floor and provided no services for the customers! So, time was the essence!

They come in different sizes, from 32 mm up to 41 mm, in 3 mm graduations ( 32-35 and 35-38 mm sizes are excellent for stuffing Italian sausages and bratwursts, etc.; the site gives examples to guide you!).

Enjoy your sausage making experiences!Begin with the best quality casings available to turn your experience from frustration to pleasure!