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Storage Of Stuff

By pops6927, Jul 30, 2018 | | |
  1. I bought a storage cabinet several years ago to store my stuff in, then bought another a month ago to store extra plastics, bowls, canned goods and baking racks in. The brown cabinet that I got several years ago I'd reinforced the top of it so I could put my slicer and stuffer on it. The white cabinet is not reinforced, but I store my #22 1 hp. Cabela's grinder in the corner of my kitchen counter (after getting approval from my wife).


    I reinforced the top of the older brown cabinet to hold my slicer and stuffer, you can see the blocks on the ends on the top - I glued and screwed them:


    I tried throwing out a bunch of 'stuff' that my wife keeps for "just-in-case"..... I will never, ever try that again! So, I bought another storage cabinet for 'other stuff':


    The baking racks are on the bottom, couldn't fit them into the photo. My 10 year-old George Forman Grill in on the visible bottom shelf on the right. Wanted to buy a Panini Grill, then discovered that my old GF grill did the very same thing! Money saved (to buy more stuff!).

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  1. HalfSmoked
    Pops I bet when ever you need something its always on the bottom of the shelf. Kinda looks like my storage area. Low and behold try to pitch out something that belongs to the wife for sure is a cardinal sin. How do and why do we do it just keeping adding on to our collection when we already have something that will do the job?

  2. KrisUpInSmoke
    I definitely need to figure out where to put all the stuff that everybody here keeps making me want to buy! A room where the walls are lined with cabinets with doors would be fantastic! Things sitting on open shelving isn't too appealing. It isn't always dishes and glassware like you see in tv.

    As an aside, you could buy contact paper/tacky back shelf liner pretty cheap and make both cabinets have the same finish really easily. I used to have a cabinet that I did that with. I change it if it got damaged (because I also covered a work surface with it), rub it down with a magic eraser and replace it. It holds up great. Doesn't peel. There are so many patterns, even wood patterns. You can get the stuff anywhere from a dollar store to Amazon.