I bought a storage cabinet several years ago to store my stuff in, then bought another a month ago to store extra plastics, bowls, canned goods and baking racks in. The brown cabinet that I got several years ago I'd reinforced the top of it so I could put my slicer and stuffer on it. The white cabinet is not reinforced, but I store my #22 1 hp. Cabela's grinder in the corner of my kitchen counter (after getting approval from my wife).


I reinforced the top of the older brown cabinet to hold my slicer and stuffer, you can see the blocks on the ends on the top - I glued and screwed them:


I tried throwing out a bunch of 'stuff' that my wife keeps for "just-in-case"..... I will never, ever try that again! So, I bought another storage cabinet for 'other stuff':


The baking racks are on the bottom, couldn't fit them into the photo. My 10 year-old George Forman Grill in on the visible bottom shelf on the right. Wanted to buy a Panini Grill, then discovered that my old GF grill did the very same thing! Money saved (to buy more stuff!).
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