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Discussion in 'Beef' started by redt, Oct 7, 2016.

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    For a family gathering, I purchased a full packer brisket and a flat - approx 20 pounds after trimming. Based on that weight, I estimated a 30-hour cook and with a 5:00 PM dinner target, started the WSM at noon the day before. The flat (on the lower rack of the WSM) was at 202 degrees at 11:00 PM, so it's wrapped in towels and in the cambro. 
    Now at midnight, the packer is at 183 degrees (WSM temp 234) and it would appear the packer will be done within the next 5 hours. 

    My question is: How long can I reasonably expect the meat to stay hot in the cambro? (12 hours before dinner time) 
    If I put the meat in the refrigerator, what would be the best way to warm it before slicing and serving?
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    First timing with multiple pieces are figured on the heaviest. Smaller done earlier. Not cumulative weight. 3 10lbs pieces is 15 hours not 45 hours. Don't know the sze of the cambro but the smallest cooler you can jam them in with towels should hold long enough in a warm room. If needed, foil wrapped in 300 oven for 30-60 minutes will heat them...JJ
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    Thanks, JJ!  Glad you straightened me out on the cumulative weight issue. Newbies mistake, eh?  [​IMG]

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