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Your Brisket Leftovers - share it here


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Hey everyone!

I haven't been around much for a while and today I did a quick search for brisket leftovers just out of curiosity...not much showed up for hits. While I've done lots of dishes with brisket in the past, I usually posted them in a brisket thread. Others may be posting theirs as a dish all it's own, so, finding ideas for "leftover brisket" may not be easy.

It got me thinking after having my little breakfast dish (which I'm about to share) that it might be nice for others to share their toss-together dishes all in one place for easier, more thorough search results. That said, bring us your best leftover brisket dishes (and even your worst...someone else might enjoy it even if you didn't). Even if it's just a link and a quick note to a thread you (or someone else) already have written would be extremely helpful and appreciated.

So, lets get started!

What I made for breakfast this morning seemed so wrong on so many levels...my wife didn't even want a bite after I told her what I was making, and she happens to really like brisket...to each his/her own. I thought the texture, bite, chew, and overall flavors were rather good.

I haven't made waffles for so long I don't even remember when it was (I'm thinking 5-6 years), and this was made with a brand new waffle maker, straight out of the box. So, yes, there was a bit of a learning curve. I adjusted the recipe volumes slightly, as my 1st run came up about a 1/4 cup or so short for 2 waffles.


(makes 2 -7" Belgian Waffles)

-7/8 Cup (loose, not packed) chopped smoked/cooked brisket flat
-7/8 Cup pancake/waffle mix
-1/8 Cup Canola, Extra Virgin Olive or other oil (I used EVOO, canola has least flavor)
-5/8 Cup water (plus/minus)

If you like to experiment and want an even deeper savory flavor you may want to add a bit of your dry rub prior to mixing, or just some extra black pepper, garlic, etc.

Fold together lightly (don't over-mix or they may get tough & chewy) and use your standard method of measure for filling your waffle maker. Cook on med-high to high heat for a crisp exterior, med to med-low for lighter, softer texture...but, you know that, right?

This is so easy, even I could make it...:cool:

Here we go!

Chopped Brisket Flat:

Mix & Olive Oil added:

Ready to cook:

And the learning curve with a new machine...heat was too low. I cranked it up, but not soon enough, so this one had a light crunch with mostly a softer exterior. It partially tore apart when I lifted it out to plate it up:

Lots of brisket in every scrumptious morsel:

I took a bite plain, but even with the brisket it still seemed to need the butter and syrup treatment with all the carbs/starches from the batter. Serve as you wish...I stacked both that I cooked and dug-in...very filling, fast and easy meal, BTW:


That was a very unique and tasty way to start my day. I could have jacked this recipe up with additional spices, blueberries and/or cherries and tons of other ingredients, but for a first run I wanted a basic waffle to look back on and see what I might want to change with those to follow. I will say this: the mouth feel of the chopped brisket was nice. A light chew with the softness of the batter and a slight crunch on the outside...yeah, I loved it!!! And lots of brisket in the batter makes it even better, IMHO.

Just remember, when it comes to leftovers (as well as everyday meals), there's a whole world of methods and ingredients out there waiting to be explored. And no, you really don't need recipes to create a fantastic meal. Let your imagination run wild...the result of a "what if" just may pleasantly surprise you!




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Congrats on the new waffle maker! Might I suggest trying liege waffles! At least find some pearl sugar. You will thank me later... ;)


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Congrats on the new waffle maker! Might I suggest trying liege waffles! At least find some pearl sugar. You will thank me later... ;)
Thank you! I've got a few more waffles to make before I know what I know what temp to run it at, but it shouldn't take long. I'm not big on processed sugar, and especially corn syrups. After I read your post I thought about adding Stevia liquid to the batter...might not even want maple syrup, then. It wouldn't add any crunch to the texture, but if I get the proper ratio of oil and high enough temp it should work.


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Interesting,I’d try it if it was made for me but I don’t think I would go that route myself. Pass the fruit and syrup!

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