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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smokymcsmokster, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. smokymcsmokster

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    im a newbie, and I've gotten around 8 hour smokes but what if i need to go to 12 or 14 hours? how do i refuel? 
  2. woundedyak

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    Open door or remove barrel. Add wood/lump. Close door or restack barrel. Drink beer
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  3. noboundaries

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    Needed: gloves, charcoal, chimney, long tongs, wood chunks.

    I fire up the chimney with as much charcoal as I feel I need to refuel.  I don't let it ash over completely, just get it hot so flame is coming out of the top of the chimney.  You can add cold briquettes or lump, but I don't.  Leave the WSM intact. 

    Put on gloves (Very Important).  Open the door, then tilt it back in the opening at about a 30-45 degree angle resting on the bottom of the opening.  Dump the hot charcoal right on the door and let it act as a chute.  Use the tongs to move the hot coals where needed.  Add the wood with the tongs. Close the door.

    Practice once with a cold smoker and cold charcoal to avoid "issues."  It is easy.
  4. smokymcsmokster

    smokymcsmokster Fire Starter

    Thanks! Why am I suppose to open the door when taking the barrel off. Am I suppose to take off the lid when I add wood?
  5. noboundaries

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    Leave the barrel and lid on.  Just open the door and chute the hot charcoal.  Then use the long tongs to add the wood through the open door.  Secure door and head back to the couch.
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