Wsm 14.5

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Mar 7, 2017
When I light my chimney, should I throw in a few applewood chunks in with the charcoal?
Yes! but...

Are you starting ALL of your charcoal in the chimney or just a few to put on top of a bed of unlit coals- Minion Method style for smoking? If so you want to put the chunks mixed in with the unlit coals and just put the starter coals in the middle on top.

if you are grilling you just throw a few chunks in with your coals once they are lit.
I don't want a heavy smoke, should I only use like 2 chunks and place then at the vents?
This is the best way to light your WSM.

(2-3) 2"-3" chunks is what I use. If you're looking for milder smoke use less and use mild wood. Most fruit wood (apple, peach, cherry) and some nut woods like pecan are milder than most. Alder is another mild wood as is Kiawe.
Hey Case isn't Kiawe, Hawaiian mesquite?

If it is, why would it be a mild wood?

Just trying to learn something here.

I've tossed a couple chunks into the chimney to get the clean smoke rolling right off the bat and it did seem to cut down on the time for the white smoke to dissipate. In all honesty though, I usually just put a few briquettes in the chimney and put the smoke wood in the basket with the unlit briquettes. The difference is at most a minute or two.
I use a mini wsm and 2 or 3 chunks seems to be ample for good but not too heavy smoke flavor. Apple is one of the most mild woods so you shouldn't have too heavy a smoke flavor.
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