wrong smoker

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Feb 10, 2009
After hours of reading and comparing i finally decided on the mes 40.I told my wife what one i wanted for christmas so she could order it,now i told her,showed her,showed her the websites that had it,all so she would not have a problem!!!  And damn if she did'nt order the wrong one!!!! LOL.She got the mes 30 model#20070110 which is fine,just not the one i wanted.She did make up for it by surprising me with afew more goodies!!!! i sure do love her!!!and yes i did tell her.
Yeah, I've dropped hints that subtle, too, but you can just hope for the best!  Looks like she really came through and hit it out of the park for you on all the rest!! there's a lot of fun toys there. And that is one pretty smoker. You're a lucky guy!
I love my 30. Have made lots of great food with it.

Looks like you scored large.

Have fun.

Congrats on a great haul and on a great wife for trying so hard to please you.  In looking thru your pics I do see one item you might want to reconsider if you are going to make sausage - the scale. You are really going to need a digital to measure in grams but the rest of it is a homerun for sure
Yeah scar,i hav'nt even thought about that one!!! Well it will still work to weigh up meat for the kits.that will make the wife happy.i will just have to sneak the other stuff later,Don't want to push my luck!!!!LOL i'm workin on a amazen smoker right now!!!!
Congrats nice haul
racenut,i got 10lbs.of hickory snacksticks smoking as i type....i'll put qview up later when its done,and i get some sleep!
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