workin the brisket!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by fliphyzer, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. hey all,  so last weeks experiment didnt go so well with the breadcrumbed bark.

    This weekend i am back with a vengeance!  So cue up the Rocky theme music and get ready.

  2. might as well get the post count as long as i am at it this was a 11.25 lb hunk a chunk of smoking love to start

  3. did some trimming might have gone a little thin, but i plan on piling the fat on the rack above the brisket to baste

  4. smokinal

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    Sounds like a plan!
  5. i am doing this from my tablet, its kind of cool because i can take pictures and post them from the same device

  6. Wrrapped up an sitting for the day, cue intermission music.

  7. meanwhile, back at the ranch, i'm hungry.

  8. insert chicken into vertical wet smoker.  brisket is for the duo in the background.

    if you care to look, you will see i bolted an upside down 11" drop drawbar to the base, thats right, this baby is a hitch-b-que.

  9. desertlites

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    Seems to be working. Save them trimmings for sausage or if needed in ground meat.can't wait to see what u have planned for the yard bird.
  10. forgot to take pics of the bird coming off the smoker.  But heres a pic of the leftovers.  my neighbor had the ole snip snip done yesterday so i figured they had their hand full with the kids and didnt want to cook.

  11. raptor700

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    The bird looks great,

    I'm sure the brisky will be even better [​IMG]
  12. meateater

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    Looking great so far, can't wait for the brisket. [​IMG]
  13. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

    Set up a wet pan with some broth and onion, fit the fat up on the second level, going with a minion this time.

  14. smokinal

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    Chicken looks excellent! Can't wait to see the brisket.
  15. Couldnt get the temps over 150.  Added another chimney of lit coals, stalled at 175.  Now i stirred up the coals a bit and am leaving the firebox lid open for twenty minutes to see if we can get more of a fire going.

    Wish i hadnt broken the preheater i installed.

    And the forecast is for afternoon showers- awesome!
  16. smokinal

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    Did you check your temp gauge for accuracy? I'm guessing all the vents are wide open. Since you have a probe in the brisket you need to get the smoker temp up quickly. Good luck!
  17. i use the green egg double probe remote thermo.

    And i tried to change too many things at once.  Definetly should have heated the cue up to temp first.  And not gone withe the minion.

    She is cruising along nicely at about 205 right now, will be throwing in more coals in a little bit.

    The fat on top idea is working out nicely.

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