Wood for turkey

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Jul 28, 2016
Was wondering what you all use. I'm thinking about mixing pecan with either apple or cherry.

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I use hickory, oak & pecan, because that's what is available around here.

I know a lot of the guys mix apple & pecan.

Those all would work well.  Depends on your goal bird.  IE While I wouldn't prefer it myself, you get do an aggressive spicy rub and smoke with an aggressive smoke wood like oak/mesquite and I bet that would work quite well.  Conversely, a classic smoked bird made with simple brine like Pops and mild apple wood.   For me it's usually milder stuff like fruit wood and most often apple.  I also think maple would be an option as well.  Pecan sounds great but never used it. 
Very light smoke... Oak or Hickory. Cherry will give a nice mahogany color on the bird.  A little smoke goes a long way. 

Thanks for the advice!  I'm going to try my pecan/apple blend for this first one, hopefully comes out well.  I personally like the heavier/spicy flavors, but my guests do not so I think this will provide something they will all like.
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